DIGIA PLC   STOCK EXCHANGE ANNOUNCEMENT   19 March 2008                         

DIGIA'S ANNUAL REPORT 2007                                                      

Digia's Annual Report for the year 2007 has been published in                   
Finnish in company's website, www.digia.fi and English version of the Annual    
report has been published in company's website, www.digia.com.                  
A printed version of the Annual Report can be ordered by e-mail,                

Digia Plc                                                                       
Jarkko Virtanen                                                                 
Director, Communications                                                        

For further information:                                                        
Jarkko Virtanen, tel. +358 40 759 3603, jarkko.virtanen@digia.com               
OMX Nordic Exchange Helsinki                                                    
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