Financier and entrepreneur Patrik Gransäter was elected Chairman of the Board
of Seamless Distribution AB (publ). Patrik Gransäter has been a large
shareholder of the company since the start in year 2000 and was involved in the
introduction of Seamless to the trading list OMX/First North in 2006. 

“There's a huge potential in the company, both to grab market shares in the
prepaid business but foremost to the new mobile money transfer system” says
Patrik Gransäter and continues “My philosophy is to be where the action is and
currently the action is in Africa and Asia where mobile payment systems have
vast opportunities. In countries where the level of financial infrastructure is
low, where ordinary payments are time consuming and heavy to perform, Seamless'
system can contribute to enable economic development.” 

Please find more information in attached PDF.