IXONOS PLC             PRESS RELEASE       22 APRIL 2008   at 2.10 pm           


Ixonos has developed a television reception solution for its mobile platform.   
The solution enables reception of, among others, DVB-T and DVB-H transmissions  
and can also repeat them over a local area network. The video player used for TV
reception is also the multimedia player for the entire platform. It is based on 
the open source MPlayer.                                                        

”Mobile TV is booming. Its global user base is estimated to reach half a billion
within a few years. The standardization of transmission formats accelerates     
development. As an example in Europe mobile TV is being boosted by the          
Commission's resolution to select the DVB-H format as a pan-European standard.  
This decision encourages both the development of new hardware generations and   
mobile distribution of TV broadcasts to the wide European market. We have been  
among the first to bring DVB-H reception to a Linux-based smartphone”, explains 
Tomi Kyllönen, Business Unit Director.                                          

The architecture of the solution enables technology-independent reception that  
supports a variety of receivers and program sources. For example when leaving   
the coverage area of a mobile TV network, viewing can continue using another    
receiver and program source. Broadcasts received can be simultaneously fed to   
multiple functions such as viewing, recording or retransmission. Data is        
transferred over IPv6 and IPv4 multicast which support flexible hardware        
architecture solutions. The latest H.264 and AAC technologies are used as video 
and audio codecs.                                                               

The reception technology is built on a software platform that Ixonos previously 
created for the development of smartphone and mobile PC products. The platform  
is based on the Linux operating system and on open source tools and components. 
Its integrated basic functions include, among others, telephone features, a     
touch screen, and a web browser. The objective has been to develop an intuitive,
maximally user-friendly, easily customizable user interface.                    

”The solution enables the launch of more and more versatile devices onto the    
smartphone and mobile PC markets. Ixonos' software platform, open source        
components, and related product development services help manufacturers create  
novel mobile services of interest to large consumer audiences. This can now be  
done in a shorter time than previously but still without compromising the       
quality of product development”, says Kyllönen.                                 

”Our new solution helps our manufacturer customers improve their                
competitiveness, optimize their R&D investments, control their product          
development risks and produce the advanced mobile services that consumers       
expect”, Kyllönen concludes.                                                    

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:                                                         

Business Unit Director Tomi Kyllönen, mobile +358 40 848 6116,                  
Project Manager Matti Salmi, mobile +358 44 799 2929, matti.salmi@ixonos.com    

IXONOS AND OPEN SOURCE                                                          
Ixonos has chosen open source code as one of the strategic technology platforms 
for the production of services covering the entire life cycle of software. The  
communal character of open source code boosts the number of potential developers
of devices, subscriber connections and services, and thus speeds up the         
development and adoption of new features. By utilizing open source code we can  
offer the customers more efficient tools for managing the risks of product      
development and improving competitiveness, as well as cost-efficient flexibility
for changing business needs. Acting in the Open Source development community is 
for Ixonos part of the company's strategic skills development, and provides a   
communication channel to communities developing open source code and to         
customers utilizing it.                                                         

IXONOS PLC operates in the information and communication technology service     
markets producing customer specific technology consulting, project management   
and software production services for advancing competitiveness and risk         
management. Ixonos´s clientele comprises leading mobile and smartphone          
manufacturers, mobile network suppliers and telecom operators operating on the  
global markets as well as Finnish finance, industrial and service companies and 
public administration organizations. Ixonos has more than 900 employees in      
Finland, Estonia, Slovakia and Germany. Ixonos Plc is listed on OMX Nordic      
Exchange in Helsinki. The company's turnover in 2007 was 59.2 million euros and 
operating profit was 4.7 million euros. We are recognized for our customer      
orientation and responsible attitude.