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NCGA Thanks Sen. Grassley, Supporters for Unmasking Big Food's PR Smear Campaign

ST. LOUIS, May 15, 2008 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- The National Corn Growers Association thanks Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) and the many biofuels champions on Capitol Hill for their support in defending corn ethanol and biofuels in the wake of a massive disinformation campaign waged by the food industry.

"We appreciate the bold comments made by Sen. Grassley today," said NCGA President Ron Litterer. "Big Food and their allies have waged a well-calculated effort to roll back ethanol mandates. It's important that the American people are educated on their fear tactics and misinformation."

NCGA maintains that factors such as high energy costs have a significant impact on food prices and global food inflation. The recent onslaught of negative information underscores the deep pockets of the grocery manufacturers and their determination to undermine the hard work of corn growers nationwide.

In his comments, Grassley recognized the hard work of farmers and said that "none of these criticisms are based on sound science, economics or even common sense."

"According to reports, downtown D.C. lobbyists, the Glover Park Group and Dutko Worldwide, are leading the effort to undermine and denigrate the patriotic achievement of America's farmers to reduce our dependence on foreign oil while also providing safe and affordable food," said Grassley in his floor statement. "Food prices are going up, and I'm sympathetic to those at home and abroad who are struggling with the higher prices. But to put all the blame at the feet of the U.S. ethanol industry is outrageous and misplaced. I think it's important for policy-makers and the American people to know who's behind this effort."

For a copy of Grassley's comments and the PR documents that clarify the campaign against corn ethanol, visit

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