In the month of April 2008, sales in local currencies including VAT decreased by
1 per cent compared to April previous year.Considerably colder weather in most
markets compared to April 2007 led to substantially weaker sales. The negative
sales trend ended with warmer weather in the beginning of May. Sales during the
first two weeks of May have been very satisfying. 

Sales increase per month in per cent excl. currency rate changes:

           2004/05  2005/06  2006/07  2007/08
December   13       14(4)    16(5)    10(-1)
January    5        15(5)    16(5)    17(3)
February   6        11(2)    15(5)    24(10)
March      20       0(-8)    29(17)   3(-8)
April      15       9(1)     21(8)    -1(-10)
May        18       13(5)    10(-2)   
June       18       9(1)     17(5)    
July       12       11(2)    14(2)    
August     17       15(5)    11(-1)   
September  7        9(0)     25(12)   
October    10       12(3)    15(3)    
November   11       11(2)    14(1)    
Whole year 13       11(2)    17(5)   

The figure in parenthesis represents the sales development in comparable H&M
units. Comparable units mean the stores and the internet and catalogue sales
countries that have been in operation for at least a financial year. H&M's
financial year extends from 1 December to 30 November.

The number of stores amounted to 1,560 on 30 April 2008 versus 1,407 on 30 April

Sales development in the month of May will be published together with the six
month report on Wednesday 18 June 2008 at 8.00 CET.

Rolf Eriksen, Managing Director   
Contact person: Nils Vinge, Head of IR        +46-8-796 5250

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The information in this sales development is that which H & M Hennes & Mauritz
AB (publ) is required to disclose under Sweden's Securities Market Act. It was
released for publication at 08.00 (CET) on 15 May 2008.

H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB (H&M) was established in Sweden in 1947. The company's
business concept is to offer fashion and quality at the best price. H&M is
quoted on the OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm. Today there are over 1,500 H&M
stores in 28 countries. H&M has 68,000 employees and achieved sales including
VAT in 2007 of SEK 92,123 million. H&M has a wide product range that is divided
into a number of different concepts for women, men, teenagers, children and
cosmetics. The company's clothing collections are created by its own designers,
pattern makers and buyers. For further information visit www.hm.com.