The corrections refer to Order books and Redemption date, marked with bold text.

OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm decides to officially list the following loan with effect from June 27th, 2008. 

Swedish Government Lottery Bond Loan 08:01, nominal amount SEK 5 000/bond.

Mixed	ISIN code:	SE0002413823	        Order book ID: 56539
                                                                                               Order book ID OTC: 56543

1 * 10		ISIN code:	QV0002413832	Order book ID: 56541
                                                                                               Order book ID OTC: 56569
Redemption date: November 8, 2011

The loan will be registered on the list for Premium Bonds.

Quotation will take place of mixed and 10-series.

Board lot: 2 pcs. for mixed
                 10 pcs. for 10-series

First lottery date: July 28, 2008.