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UC Hub, Inc. Announces Global TV Network Has Acquired 100 Percent of DCL Environmental Systems

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LOS ANGELES, July 28, 2008 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- UC Hub, Inc. (OTCBB:UCHB), a publicly traded company currently on the Over the Counter, announces Global TV Network has acquired 100% of DCL Environmental Systems from UC Hub, Inc. and plans to implement procedures and filings to spin out an OTC company. Global TV Network acquired media content and partnered with Rapid Fitness (Pink Sheets:RPDI). DCL Environmental Systems Inc. will change its name to Global TV Network, Inc. Global TV Network, Inc. plans to allocate some equity for the UC Hub creditors as part of managements restructuring of UC Hub Group Inc. and has plans to provide warrants for existing shareholders in UC Hub Group at a discount as of this date.

Global TV Network has a full SANS 1735 Terabyte Array for Movie and Data Storage. It has both Beta SP and High Definition (HD) capability with Sony, Avid Pro and Sun System Servers completing the backbone infrastructure. The Sony and Ikegami cameras will be used for productions along with their JVC HD 100 to produce HD programming products that will be mandated this year. Global TV Network will focus on the international broadcast of niche content throughout the world with terabyte storage, ISP and portal broadcasting capability for the WEB that Global TV Network shall introduce and brand their new webcasting model (IPTV) and MOBI applications.

As management continues for the past nine months to fund UC Hub, it has increased revenue and decreased overhead. Management is very familiar with this entertainment and digital medium and excited about the opportunity Global TV Network provides to present shareholders and creditors. The value add here is a revenue growing and sanitized UC Hub while providing discounted warrants in a new company, Global TV Network.

Global TV Network has set up several hundred domestic and international TV stations broadcasts as of this date and has the capability to become a premier digital broadcast facility for the web and mobile opportunities. The future frontier of digital broadcast will mean that everyone will have an opportunity to broadcast their personal channel through the Global TV Network portal.

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UC Hub Group Inc. operates as a software development, marketing and digital distribution company for transaction based operations on the web and mobile phone.

About Global TV Network:

The Global TV Network is an ISP Portal broadcasting in all languages around the world. Their portal has been designed to open in 156 languages in all the top countries. They also stream TV programming in all languages any where in the world for the first worldwide TV broadcasting network. Global TV Network broadcasting portal can be seen at:

 View ISP Portal: (sign up free to view)

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