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Cisco conducted an Internet TV roundtable with PCI experts and executives from the retail and healthcare industries on July 30. They discussed the evolution of security threats, real-world business challenges, PCI's role and the approach to managing compliance. Following are the highlights of that roundtable:

Highlights / Key Facts:

  • Data-security-related attacks on the healthcare industry have increased 85 percent between January 2007 - January 2008 (source: Secure Works).
  • One in four healthcare executives does not know where his or her sensitive data is located (source: Secure Works).
  • In the 19th annual CIO survey conducted by the Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) 86% of respondents report actively assessing and managing security risk.
  • In the HIMSS survey the most widely installed security technologies include firewalls, user access controls and audit logs. Priority investments during the next two years include single sign-on (49%), biometric technologies (42%) and email encryption (34%).
  • Protecting customer credit card information has been at the forefront of retailers' minds for several years. Data theft is now moving downstream from large retail organizations to include regional chain store establishments.
  • On the credit card transaction front, buying stolen credit cards is cheap and easy to do; there is a large international underground business where people can buy stolen credit card numbers and use them to go shopping.
  • Protecting critical assets within an organization is an ongoing educational process rather than a list of checklist of items that need to be covered to meet security-compliance requirements. In essence, driving security of your critical assets requires ongoing vigilance in four key areas: education, operations, regulatory and corporate policy compliance and technology.

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IPTV Broadcast with Cisco PCI experts, customers


"The privacy of patient information is foundational to the healthcare industry. The new PCI security standards are important additions to the larger data security picture for health organizations. I like regulations like PCI because it gives us a floor. It provides us with community standards for best practices in protecting patient data and I think that's good thing for healthcare."

Dr. John Halamka, MD | CIO of CareGroup Health System

"I don't believe that you should build the architecture to meet the compliance, you should build the architecture to meet your security needs and if you build it properly you're going to take care of all the standards."

Carrie Peters | Vice President of IT and IS, Jones-Onslow Electric Membership Corporation

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