Reimage Launches Revolutionary Online PC Repair Service At Interop New York

New Service Fixes Broken PCs in Under 30 Minutes, Leaving Data and Apps Intact

| Source: Reimage

NEW YORK, Sept. 17, 2008 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Israel-based company Reimage launched a ground- breaking online PC repair service at Interop New York, the leading business technology exposition. Reimage empowers PC technicians and IT service departments to efficiently and effectively repair Windows XP issues in 30 minutes or less without compromising user data or applications.

For a demonstration, visit the Reimage team at booth #141, in the SaaS Startup Section

"The goal behind the new Reimage service is to provide technicians with a superior product to serve their clientele better, while allowing them to cut time and costs and increase revenue," said Reimage CEO, Zak Dechovich. "There is no set-up or software installation required and the service can run on several PCs simultaneously, either remotely or onsite. This creates a meaningful, lasting relationship between repair professionals and their clients."

Computer Troubleshooters, an international network of PC technicians with over 450 locations in 27 countries, already has signed on to deploy the Reimage service.

"What used to take about 10 hours of repair time is now down to 30 minutes using Reimage," said Chip Reaves, CEO of Computer Troubleshooters USA. "There have been instances where completely inoperable PCs were brought back to an original, stable condition with Reimage, where other solutions failed."

Using patent-pending technology, the Reimage Web-based repair service does exactly what a human being would do when repairing a PC: observes then acts using experience and knowledge, while leaving all user data and applications intact.

"Reimage works like magic to solve problems with XP," wrote Senior Analyst Frank Ohlhorst, in eWeek.

Dechovich said that the current practice of fixing problems caused by dysfunctional software has involved PC technicians in a time-intensive, hands-on and grueling process. The process can take hours to get to the root of the problem, and valuable data is at risk.

The Reimage "fix" rapidly diagnoses operating system problems. The product scans a vast Web repository of over 8 million spare systems files and registry objects. After scanning all files, folders, registry keys, values, drivers and stacks, the service effectively implements the repair. Reimage also repairs XP-based PCs that cannot boot up with a comprehensive Windows XP boot CD. A Reimage repair service for the Vista operating system will be available in the near future.

"We developed this technology for IT professionals, taking into account their specific needs," said Dechovich. "This includes supplying customized reports for end-clients, providing a solution for easily booting a PC that is hopelessly broken and accessing the online tool to repair it. We give users the ability to use the service either on-site or through online support, and even offer our clients customized and branded gateways to the service giving them full credit for the repair." For a demonstration, please visit the team at Reimage, at booth # 141, in the SaaS Startup Section.

The service also is open for registering IT and PC repair professionals through the Reimage website -

About Reimage

Established in 2007, Reimage develops automated computer recovery tools that "empower PC technicians to do their jobs better and faster." Reimage is an online service that offers a unique PC repair service, fixing broken PCs in less than 30 minutes while leaving all user data and applications intact. By working behind the scenes and allowing PC technicians to deploy Reimage as a white label service, technicians are able to take the credit for automated repairs in uncontrolled IT environments. eWeek raves "Reimage works like magic to solve problems with XP." For more information, visit

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