TMPG Says Credible Third Party Endorsement, 'Word of Mouth' Essential to Effective Communications

Restoring Trust...Job #1 in Today's Economy

| Source: TMPG Inc.

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., Oct. 22, 2008 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- "With the loss of credibility in every aspect of daily life driving consumers to extreme levels of skepticism, the hurdles for marketers have never been greater," according to Michael Valentino, Chief Executive of TMPG Inc., the award-winning marketing communications agency.

"Trust is the most precious element in the marketing equation, and believable third party endorsement that generates positive 'word of mouth' for a product or service is the most important ingredient in creating effective promotions," Valentino said.

"Many consumers are looking squarely in the eyes of a potential financial meltdown," Valentino said. "Advertisers need to realize that these are not 'traditional' times, and recognize that consumers are extremely skeptical about making buying decisions based on promises made using 'traditional' communications techniques."

"We ask ourselves if it's wiser in this economy to spend $X million on a 30-second paid spot passively listened to by a skeptical general public, or the same amount on a tightly focused 'non traditional' approach that actively engages a targeted consumer segment with a client's brand and generates positive Word of Mouth," he said.

Enter Non-Traditional Radio

Non-Traditional Radio, according to TMPG, is the tool that gets the positive word of mouth started using popular, credible media celebrities -- third party endorsers -- who can reach out to an audience and convince them to sample a product, or go to a client's website for more information.

"Paid spots or basic public relations are not going to work today, notably in certain product categories such as automobiles, food, music and consumer electronics. The present day need is to get consumers to experience the product via websites or special events, and begin to generate positive word of mouth to family, friends and other influencers," Valentino said.

About TMPG

TMPG, founded in 1991 by Michael Valentino, was recently named a finalist for the Creative Media Award in the Radio Category for a campaign created for long-time client Kraft/Post Cereals. Other clients include American Express, BMW, Sara Lee, DISH Network and others.

The firm recently expanded it promotional capabilities, offering clients multi-discipline "Turnkey" campaigns including digital promotions that involve website design, content development and data capture; and travel promotions offering interactive experiences with entertainment and sports celebrities.

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