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Localeze and Intelligenx Deliver On-Demand, Query-Based Local Search Application to Market With Launch of ContentReach(TM)

Two Leaders in Search Space Partner to Create Turn-Key Advertising Revenue Enabler

VIENNA, VA--(Marketwire - November 17, 2008) - Web site publishers and application developers looking for a foothold in the booming local search market can now turn to ContentReach™, an on-demand query-processing application launched today by Localeze and Intelligenx. Through ContentReach, subscribers can present search results on websites and mobile applications according to their own preferences for look, feel and search logic. Developed by Localeze, the largest online content manager serving local search engines, businesses and consumers, and Intelligenx, a leading provider of search technology, ContentReach is offered as part of Localeze's core suite of services and can be used to drive traffic and enable incremental advertising revenue opportunities.

ContentReach is powered by the Intelligenx Discovery Engine® and offers online publishers the option to outsource a highly intelligent search engine backed by a managed database of premium business listings. The application filters, selects, ranks, builds and returns the most relevant results, providing users with on-demand access to as many as 16 million local business listings. These functions are seamlessly executed via a direct interface with the Localeze Business Registry, a robust relational database containing premium Localeze business listing content, including Gold Sourced content, verified by local businesses themselves.

"Developing and deploying an intelligent local search engine is a time consuming, expensive and technology intensive endeavor," said Jeff Beard, president and general manager of Localeze. "ContentReach substantially lowers barriers to entry into the local search marketplace, and is a fast cost-effective way for enterprises to deliver relevant local search results to consumers. This application will increase the ability for local search stakeholders to drive repeat user visits, build brand loyalty and thereby stimulate opportunities for advertising revenue."

"User demand for fast, relevant local results is increasing everyday and so the accuracy, depth and presentation of local search results must constantly increase," said Zubair Talib, CTO of Intelligenx. "Our partnership with Localeze is a natural one and allows ContentReach to offer search results unsurpassed in relevance and quality via a flexible platform."

ContentReach is a scalable managed service offering with a tiered pricing model based on monthly query volume. For more information please visit

About Localeze

Localeze is the largest online content manager serving businesses, local search engine publishers and ready-to-buy consumers. At the center of the local search engine ecosystem, businesses rely on Localeze to collect, enhance, optimize and distribute rich business information online, while local search engines depend on Localeze to deliver the broadest, richest, most accurate content to their users. With a management team of local search innovators, the largest business-verified listing database and the broadest network of local search engine partners in the industry, Localeze is the trusted source for local search engine content management. Localeze is a privately held company headquartered in Vienna, Virginia. For more information visit

About Intelligenx

Intelligenx is the recognized leader in providing advanced search technologies with an emphasis on monetization of local search. The Intelligenx Local Search Platform provides a complete suite of products for implementing your local search website based on the four critical areas of Content, Search, Usage/Analytics and Monetization. Available individually or as a suite, the platform includes advanced core search technology, content augmentation services, local search analytics, and a suite of sales tools that help drive multi-channel sales productivity, all with interfaces for desktop and mobile applications.

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