CEDAR RAPIDS, IA--(Marketwire - December 22, 2008) - Eagle Technology Management, Inc. (ETM) has launched a new training tool -- The Learning Portal by ETM. Self-paced, on-demand, and online, the portal lets users progress at their own speed, making accommodations for their aptitudes and learning styles. And it lets them choose from three different learning modes:

--  See It! mode enables users to learn by watching animated
    demonstrations of particular tasks and processes. As each task is
    performed, it's explained, step by step. Playback can be paused and
    resumed, steps can be repeated, play can be advanced, and the application
    can be closed and re-started at any time.
--  Try It! mode enables users to learn interactively, with step-by-step
    instructions for each step of each task and process. They're prompted for
    mouse clicks and keystrokes. If they make mistakes, they're prompted to try
    again. If not, the application advances to the next step.
--  Know It? mode enables users to test their knowledge of a task or
    process, without step-by-step instructions.  They complete steps on their
    own and are scored for accuracy.

"The Learning Portal by ETM improves speed to competency, reduces training time and cost, and accelerates the ROI on Wings investments," said Larry Kane, ETM's president. "It improves comprehension and retention. It lets users progress at their own speed. It accommodates individual aptitudes and learning styles. And it qualifies users for CPE credit."

About ETM

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