NASDAQ OMX Stockholm AB decides to officially list the following loan with effect from January 19th, 2008. 

Swedish Government Lottery Bond Loan 08:02, nominal amount SEK 5 000/bond.

Mixed	ISIN code:	SE0002626523	Order book ID: 61617
                                                                                               Order book ID OTC: 61618

1 * 10		ISIN code:	QV0002626532	Order book ID: 61615
                                                                                               Order book ID OTC: 61616
Redemption date: October 24, 2013

The loan will be registered on the list for Premium Bonds.

Quotation will take place of mixed and 10-series.

Board lot: 2 pcs. for mixed
                 10 pcs. for 10-series

First lottery date: February 9, 2009.