Stock Exchange Release no. 42
Made public via OMX on 16 January 2009

Extraordinary general meeting

Owing to the intense interest in the holding of a general meeting of Nordic
Tankers and the many rumours and speculations fuelled by statements made by
different parties, we hereby publish the correspondence concerning the case
between the company, a group of shareholders and the Danish Commerce and
Companies Agency. 

The management's endeavours to establish a dialogue with the Danish Commerce
and Companies Agency concerning clarification of matters of dispute and a
reasonable notice convening the general meeting have been in vain. 

The Danish Commerce and Companies Agency informed us that if the company had
failed to call the general meeting by 12:00 noon on 15 January 2009, a general
meeting would be convened by the Agency. 

The management finds the procedures of the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency
to be in conflict with good administrative practice and contrary to what we
would normally expect from legal staff who are experts in company law, the
calling of general meetings and the duties of the chairman of the meeting. 

Since the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency is keeping the management out of
the process, we will leave it to the Agency to convene the general meeting and
in the meanwhile clarify the legal issues so as to determine how to proceed.