This report summarizes PA Resources Group production and sales of crude oil and gas in Tunisia and Norway during fourth quarter 2008.
Total production
*	Total oil- and gas production in the Group during Q4 2008:		1,491,200 BOE

Crude oil
*	Average oil production per day during Q4 2008:		16,200 barrels per day

*	Accumulated oil production Full Year 2008:		5,153,700 barrels

*	Total oil production during Q4 2008:		1,491,200 barrels

*	Oil sales during Q4 2008: 		1,620,800 barrels
- Here of export sales		1,313,300 barrels
- Here of local sales		307,500 barrels

*	Average sales price during Q4 2008:		53.87 USD per barrel

*	Total gas production during Q4 2008:		0 BOE

*	Average gas sales price during Q4 2008:		0 USD per BOE

*	The Didon field in Tunisia has for the month of December maintained good regularity and production both with respect to wells and facilities.

*	Similar, the Volve field in Norway has maintained as good performance during the month with production from two production wells.

*	In the period, production of oil came from seven fields in two geographical areas; Tunisia and Norway. 
PA Resources has finalised the sale of its Norwegian subsidiary, as earlier communicated. This will temporarily reduce the Group's total production and sale of oil during the coming months until the Azurite field in the Republic of Congo has started its production in 2009.

-	BOE = barrels of oil equivalents

Oslo/Stockholm, January 19, 2009
PA Resources AB (publ)

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PA Resources AB (publ) is an international oil and gas group with the business strategy to acquire, develop and exploit oil and gas reserves, as well as explore new findings. The Group operates in Tunisia, Greenland, Great Britain, Denmark, Netherlands, Equatorial Guinea and the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville). PA Resources is today one of the largest oil producers in Tunisia. The parent company is located in Stockholm, Sweden.
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