Eik Banki P/F has issued a fixed rate bond with a total nominal amount of DKK
615,000,000, which will be admitted to official listing and trading on NASDAQ
OMX Copenhagen from 23 January 2009. 

The bond pays a fix rate of 3 per cent and rank as unsecured senior debt on
issuer, but is covered by the Danish Government backed guarantee scheme. 

The loan will be redeemed on 31 August 2010 at price 100.

The bond issue has been arranged by Nordea Bank Danmark A/S and has been
offered to a series of qualified investors through private placement. 

Information material in Danish has been published today on NASDAQ OMX
Copenhagen, www.nasdaqomxnordic.com, and on Eik Banki's homepage,

Please see press release for further information.


Marner Jacobsen	Finn Danberg
Group CEO	Director, Group CFO