BOULDER, CO--(Marketwire - March 18, 2009) - Rogue Wave Software, Inc., the leader in enterprise class C++ components and infrastructure, today announced that Patrick Leonard, its Vice President of Product Strategy, will be participating in a panel discussion titled "Moving Forward - High Performance Application Development in a Multicore World" at SUN Microsystems "CommunityOne East" event on Wednesday, March 18th, 2009, at 10:00 AM at the Marriott Marquis Hotel, New York. Additional details can be found at

Topics for discussion on the panel include: strategies for legacy code; the benefits & downsides to various tools and approaches; and new areas or techniques software developers should be focused on when developing in the multicore era. Multicore technology is emerging as a way to address the high performance demands facing organizations, but it won't 'automagically' address and resolve problems businesses face today. Leonard will share thoughts on how the pressures placed on businesses to do more with less money and resources are forcing software developers and management to find new ways to be more productive and reduce costs, which includes leveraging low cost multicore hardware.

"New methods of managing and developing code will be required to drive application scalability for the next generation of business applications now that hardware performance comes in the form of additional 'cores' in each CPU," said Leonard. "However, this can be challenging to manage in the traditional programming environment since mainstream languages were never designed to run on multicore architecture. Further, increasing developer productivity, scalability, and integrating and leveraging existing investments must be considered in conjunction with implementing new hardware/software solutions, before being able to fully realize the benefits of technology like multicore hardware. Using the right tools and strategy can generate results and improve performance far beyond what can be achieved by fine-tuning existing code."

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CommunityOne is a conference sponsored by Sun Microsystems that focuses on open source innovation and implementation. It brings together developers, technologists and students for technical education and exchange. In 2009, CommunityOne will focus on the free and open platforms, tools and services that can be found powering the Internet, running enterprises, and enabling high-performance computing.

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