To NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen A/S				
30 March 2009                                   
Announcement no. 27/2009                                                        


Fixing of interest coupon in the series 322.JCBE as of 1 April 2009             

Interest coupon for BRFkredit's:                                                

Series 322.JCBE.11 ISIN DK0009369522,                                           

has as of and including 1 April 2009 until and including 30 June 2009 been fixed
at 3.3560% pa.                                                                  

Best regards,                                                                   

Ulrikke Ekelund                                                                 
Chief Economist                                                                 
Direct Phone: +45 4526 2257                                                     

Please observe that the Danish version of this announcement prevails.