COSTA MESA, CA--(Marketwire - June 24, 2009) - Ecliptek Corporation, a leading manufacturer of crystals and oscillators for over 22 years, has introduced its latest web based engineering tool, an indexed directory correlating chipsets to suggested Ecliptek frequency control products. This comprehensive chipset reference index addresses a need identified by design engineers for specific crystal or oscillator recommendations based on parameters pertaining to a manufacturer's chipset number.

Ecliptek reviews leading chipset manufacturer specifications to update this dynamic database of chipsets and their paired Ecliptek frequency control products. Engineers can access a specific manufacturer from a list and then enter a full or partial chipset number. Ecliptek's database will instantly list all applicable chipset numbers along with a suggested Ecliptek part number or series, a brief description of the frequency control product, RoHS status and Ecliptek's available inventory. An additional filter based on the desired frequency of operation is included when needed.

In addition to the extensive directory, Ecliptek has provided a streamlined means for customers at all stages of design or production to quickly process an Ecliptek crystal or oscillator recommendation request for a specific product if their chipset is not among those already listed on the website. Ecliptek's engineering team will provide an initial response to inquiries within one business day, by researching the chipset manufacturer's specification and then offering appropriate Ecliptek product solutions.

"Ecliptek recognizes that our customers' resources may already be overextended and that OEM design engineers will place a high value on this service," stated Thomas Culhane, VP of Engineering at Ecliptek. "We developed this tool to provide a comprehensive list of product recommendations and to assist in the customer product design process."

The index incorporates many of the other innovative tools currently available on Ecliptek's website, including configuration specific data sheets, automated Quick Quotes, sample requests and access to the world's largest inventory of crystals and oscillators.

Established in 1987, Ecliptek is a leading supplier of frequency control products to the electronics industry. Ecliptek provides unparalleled quality, complete engineering support, world class customer service and innovative products to its global OEM customers and distributors.

Complete information on company operations or any of Ecliptek's quality frequency control devices can be obtained by calling 1-800-ECLIPTEK or by visiting Ecliptek's internet site at The company's email address is

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