FaceTime Strategy Launches Integrated Online Marketing Solution; Focuses On Value and Proven ROI

Market Master Combines Creative Marketing Tools With Customer Database Management

| Source: FaceTime Strategy LLC

DALLAS, July 14, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FaceTime Strategy, a full service marketing and PR firm with offices in Dallas and Washington, DC, has announced the launch of its online marketing solution, Market Master. Utilizing a comprehensive customer database mining algorithm, the Market Master system provides a single solution for creating:

 -- Holistic marketing outreach materials
 -- Variable print on demand materials
 -- Dynamic emails
 -- Customer driven marketing reports

The powerful Roles and Permissions module ensures complete data security across the entire organization while offering users unique program access and data visibility. Market Master also allows corporate offices to provide targeted marketing support to its affiliates quickly and effectively, unlike any other marketing system today. Market Master enables companies to create direct mail pieces that offer custom content, dynamic emails featuring live offers and instant customer polling, all while integrating with a powerful customer database marketing tool that makes marketing easier and more results oriented. Tying in dynamic marketing with custom reports makes Market Master a must-have tool for any industry leader looking to maximize marketing dollars.

"Creating dynamic, customer-focused marketing is the heart of Market Master," said Todd Mason, Chairman and CEO of FaceTime Strategy. "Its ability to turn a customer's database into an ROI-focused marketing tool makes it a must for any business looking to spend marketing dollars in the most effective way and drive sales."

Currently, the Market Master Enterprise Edition is available, focusing on retail, franchise and fortune 1000 companies with large databases that need to segment data and reach customers quickly and easily. In the fall of 2009, FaceTime plans to release the Market Master Free Market Edition, which will be focused on small to mid-sized businesses looking to capitalize and quantify their marketing efforts but do not need the level of interaction that large corporations need. Market Master can be customized to integrate with a client's point of sales system or any database system as needed.

Find out more about Market Master at www.facetimestrategy.com/marketmaster

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