SHENZHEN, CHINA--(Marketwire - August 20, 2009) - Specialized Technology Resources, Inc. (STR) today announced that its Shenzhen laboratory has received the China Metrology Accreditation (CMA) from the Administration of Quality and Technical Supervision at the Municipal Levels. STR's Shanghai laboratory obtained the CMA one year ago. STR, a U.S.-based global company, is one of only a few independent laboratories to receive the Metrology Accreditation from the Chinese government.

CMA is a mandatory accreditation system designed to assess the metrology capabilities of testing or calibration laboratories that will test products being sold into the Chinese market. This accreditation allows STR to issue test reports and certificates bearing the CMA mark, which verifies that the tested products conform to China's mandatory quality and safety standards. Test reports bearing the CMA mark are accepted as legal documents in China.

For example, textile companies that intend to sell products in China must obtain CMA certification. The most common requirement is the GB 18401 standard, which is the National General Safety Technical Code for textile products. By having STR test for conformance to this standard and issue a report with the CMA mark, a textile manufacturer is then able to sell its products in China.

"CMA is very important for our clients who are seeking entry to or are expanding their operations in the Asia Pacific region," said Mr. W.H. Kwok, Managing Director, STR Asia Pacific region. "This accreditation enables us to help our clients successfully grow their businesses."

STR recently doubled the size of its quality assurance testing laboratories in China, with a new 75,000 s/f facility in Shenzhen and a 30,000 s/f facility in Shanghai. The company tests garments/textiles, toys/toy premiums, hazardous substances, general merchandise, and electronics/electrical equipment in these facilities. Services include: product testing, product safety evaluations, factory capabilities audits, quality assurance inspections, fair labor and social compliance monitoring programs, and customized quality assurance programs.

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