WOODLAND, Calif., Sept. 8, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- From the author of Landslide comes another gripping tale of love, deceit, and mystery. The story of a single mother coping with a teenage daughter, Aftershock puts Jayne Grant's writing prowess on a pedestal as she delivers another spellbinding storyline that will leave readers flipping through until the last page.

The elaborate plot begins when strange events turn the protagonist's predictable life upside down. Crashing, literally, into a mysterious man, Dora is soon beset with an irrational fear for her life and her daughter's safety. Though mother and daughter are unscathed, Dora begins to panic at the sight of the stranger. Who is he and why can't she remember him -- even when he looks oddly familiar?

Dora tries to protect her daughter from something she herself doesn't even know. Her anxiety heightens when, while trying to figure out the baffling events of the past days, she runs into a nun who acts as if they know each other. But the nun called her by another name. Mystified, Dora's quest to find the missing piece in her memory begins.

A startling series of events unfolds as Dora slowly remembers a certain part of herself that she had kept hidden from everyone -- even her own memories. Fast-paced and absorbing, Aftershock is a perfect read for mystery and action fans. For more information, log on to www.Xlibris.com.

About the Author

Jayne A. Grant was born in Los Altos, California. A divorced mother of a teenager boy, she has traveled through parts of Europe, Canada, Mexico, and the United States. She was hit by a car and knocked unconscious for thirty-two days when she was thirteen years old, but she pulled through. The right side of her face is partially paralyzed and she has to wear a leg brace. She graduated from San Francisco State University and has been a volunteer at Stanford Children's Hospital. The author loves to write, cook, play piano, music, travel, golf, and spending time with her family.

                      Aftershock * by Jayne A. Grant

                     Publication Date: June 27, 2009  
          Trade Paperback; $19.99; 288 pages; 978-1-4363-7554-2 
          Cloth Hardback; $29.99; 288 pages; 978-1-4363-7555-9

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