Source: Derivatives

Derivatives: Anticipated adjustment in Lundin Petroleum due to share distribution (14/10)

The following information is based on a press release from Lundin Petroleum AB
(Lundin Petroleum) dated March 4, 2010 and may be subject to change. 

Lundin Petroleum has announced an intension to spin-off its business in United
Kingdom (UK) into a newly formed UK company called EnQuest PLC (EnQuest), in
exchange for 55 % of the shares of EnQuest. The shares of EnQuest received by
Lundin Petroleum will then be distributed to Lundin Petroleum shareholders. 

The proposal is subject to approval of an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)
expected to be held on or around March 22, 2010. Provided that the EGM approves
the proposed share distribution to Lundin Petroleum share holders, NASDAQ OMX
Derivatives Markets will carry out a re-calculation of options, forwards and
futures in Lundin Petroleum according to the below. 

•	If NASDAQ OMX considers the distribution of shares in EnQuest to constitute
at least 30 % of Lundin Petroleum's market cap and that EnQuest in the near
future will be traded on NASDAQ OMX or other market place approved by NASDAQ
OMX, re-calculation shall be carried out according to the Conversion Method.
The Contract shall then be divided into two contracts, one contract with the
old contract base and one contract with new contract base. 

•	If the Conversion Method is not applicable the Ratio Method shall be applied
in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of NASDAQ OMX Derivatives Markets. 

Further information regarding the re-calculation of options, forwards and
futures in Lundin Petroleum will be published when Lundin Petroleum has
published more details regarding the proposal.

Please see the attached file for further details.