Photo Release -- Solara Field Tracker 2100 on Top of the World With the Catlin Arctic Survey

Catlin Arctic Survey Reaches North Pole After Punishing 501 Mile (806 km) Trek

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Catlin Arctic Survey

Catlin Arctic Survey

Photo copyright Martin Hartley

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, May 18, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Solara Remote Data Delivery Incorporated is pleased to congratulate the Catlin Arctic Survey on reaching the North Geographic Pole after an epic 60-day scientific expedition.

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The team of explorers led by Ann Daniels, with colleagues Martin Hartley and Charlie Paton, encountered massive rubble fields, fast moving ice, and open water across which they had to swim.

Charlie Paton, of the Explorer Team, said, "One thing that we must always remember is the support teams and equipment suppliers…It's an amazing feat to bring together all the tiny elements of an expedition…If any of these things failed we could end up in serious trouble so we are grateful to all concerned."

Commenting on the support of Solara, Pen Hadow, the Survey Director said: "Solara's excellent data tracking systems for our Ice Base and Explorer teams has been vitally important. Without them we would not have been able to achieve such a successful mission."

Built to excel in rugged conditions, the dependability of the Field Tracker 2100 is trusted by users from tropical rain forests to the polar regions. Operating on the Iridium Satellite network, the Field Tracker 2100 operates in any location in the world. This proven reliability ensures automatic GPS position updates, fast 2-way text communications and signalling in the event of an emergency are continuously available.

Solara Remote Data Delivery Incorporated

As the manufacturer of the Field Tracker 2100 and geospatial software solutions, Solara Remote Data Delivery Incorporated delivers secure, reliable wireless data products providing customers superior efficiency, profitability and peace of mind.


The 2010 Catlin Arctic Survey connects scientists and explorers in advancing scientific understanding of the world we live in. The principal sponsor, Catlin Group Limited, is an international speciality insurer and reinsurer, providing innovative risk management solutions and superior levels of service to clients and their brokers worldwide. 


Geo Mission Ltd manages and delivers the Catlin Arctic Survey.  Founded in 2009 by explorer Pen Hadow, Geo Mission's objective is to advance scientific and public understanding of the natural world.

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