SAN DIEGO, Calif., Aug. 25, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- chatmeter, a leading online reputation management service, announces the launch of its improved reputation management service and completely redesigned reports.  chatmeter's improved reputation monitoring service helps local businesses protect and build their online reputation, allowing them to harness the power of credible customer feedback and leverage it into a sales, marketing and customer service asset.

chatmeter's reputation monitoring service provides small businesses with unmatched education, marketing tools and access to customer insight, social media tracking and reputation monitoring.  The new reports have been completely redesigned with an all-new look and feel.  The improved features enable local business customers to monitor their most recent customer reviews, social media mentions, and local business listings data all in one easy to understand report.

Small business owners that monitor what is being said about them will be able to save valuable time, frustration and improve their business practices based on real customer feedback.  Their local business listings will ultimately rank better for different searches which can help to generate new business.

The enhanced reputation management reports:

  • Display your business' most recent customer reviews and social media mentions
  • Provide benchmark performance against local competitors
  • Calculate how many online customer reviews, social media mentions Facebook postings and Twitter followers you have
  • Show the amount and location of your one-star and five-star customer reviews
  • Discloses 3rd party websites with inaccurate business profile information such as an outdated phone number or location
  • Compute both local search and organic search engine rankings

chatmeter also tracks external websites that either link to or make references to your business and measures both quantity and quality of the sites referencing you, which are both important.

Over the last decade most local purchasing decisions are made based on a company's online reputation.  It is important for potential customers to know if the business they're considering is a reputable one.  Someone may be discussing your business or your brand and you may not even be aware of it.  Without a reputation management service, there just isn't a way to keep up.

Business owners have to be proactive in order to protect their reputation.  With the rise of hundreds of local search websites, blogs, social media, customer review sites, and local search discovery apps, the need for reputation monitoring is growing exponentially as the way people discover information about local businesses gets more and more diversified.

About chatmeter

chatmeter provides local business owners with an information advantage, time saving tools, and the education to manage their online reputation and marketing effectiveness.  Our tools help business owners understand what people are saying about their business online in a single place saving time and frustration.  Chatmeter does not require a monthly service contract or commitment and subscribers are easily able to cancel at any time.  

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Nicole Dumas