MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - October 7, 2010) -  Xigo Health has appointed Ellen Schutt as their chief mom officer to be the company liaison to busy moms on various parenting and family health topics.

Xigo Health is a natural supplement company dedicated to supporting the health of moms and their families. The company, which recently launched its Immune Defense products into retail, is focusing its efforts on research, education and specifically talking to mom about the health needs in her family.

"As a mom, I know if I'm not healthy my whole family suffers," says Schutt. "Part of my role at Xigo is to help other moms by keeping in constant communication with them to find out how we can better serve their health needs."

Schutt is a mother of two boys ages 7 and 9, and also has professional roots in the natural products industry. She is the founding editor of Nutraceuticals World, a leading industry trade magazine, and has written extensively about all aspects of the supplement business.

"This position with Xigo is perfect because I can blend my knowledge of the nutritional industry with my firsthand experience as a mom," says Schutt. "I like being able to share my knowledge on natural health directly with other moms and get their feedback on ways we can provide more support to fit their family dynamic and needs as their children go through different stages of life."

Some of the responsibilities Schutt will be taking on for Xigo include leading the conversation with moms utilizing various social media tools, such as her blog at:, and making sure that Xigo's product priorities are focused on mom's health needs. The primary purpose of the blog is to encourage busy moms to keep their family healthy by sharing strategies and encouraging other moms to write in with their ideas.

"I want to have a deeper conversation with moms and offer them valuable information that will help them excel in all the roles they play in life," says Schutt. "Beyond selling products, Xigo wants to engage with moms as they deal with everyday parenting challenges and offer a place for an interactive conversation about what's important to moms on a daily basis."

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