ARDEN, NC--(Marketwire - December 6, 2010) - WatchIt Technologies Inc. (PINKSHEETS: WTCT) announced today that it has completed the first two phases of testing on the patent pending "fuel reformer." The results show an increase of approximately 30% in fuel savings in an in-house Highway road test. These results are consistent with a previous road test in March of 2010, which achieved a 28.9% increase in fuel savings.

According to a company spokesman, Phase III and IV at an EPA certified lab will begin this week.  The test results in the controlled lab environment will confirm the company's goal of approximately 20% improvement in MPGs. The tests will be completed and reported within the next 14 days. Phase I & II testing were performed in preparation for fuel economy and emissions testing at the Environmental Testing Corporation, a high altitude, EPA certified Facility, in Denver, Colorado.

"In previous testing, the vehicle (1999 Ford Expedition) was tested with the fuel reformer in place and the resulting increase in miles per gallon (MPG) were calculated against the original new car sticker MPG of the vehicle. This was done to compare the government findings with our own. However, our new protocol tests both with and without the fuel reformer on the vehicle so we can make as accurate a comparative assessment as possible," stated Rob Ryon, CEO of Air Pure Systems. "In the first phase of current testing, without the device in place, we found that actual real-time road testing yielded 16.7 MPG. Phase II, with the fuel reformer in operation and driving the same route, yielded 21.6 MPG. The increase of 4.9 MPG results in a fuel savings of 30%."

The company had been using 18 MPG as the highway road mileage as stated on the vehicle's sticker. This change in testing protocol more accurately reflects the actual increase in MPG using the fuel reformer. By using the real-world figures, it represents an increase from the 28%, based upon sticker, to an actual of 30%.

"Although the weather in Colorado has slowed the completion of all four phases of testing the company is performing, the initial results are outstanding," stated Max Bennett, President and CEO of WatchIt Technologies. "Our analysis thus far is that we will meet the company's goal of 20% increase in MPGs. The testing will be continuing over the next several days and we will update these figures as we progress."

The company has also announced that it can be followed on Twitter. The company invites its shareholders, both current and potential, to sign up for WatchIt Technologies' Twitter account and learn about current happenings and pertinent information on the company and other "Green Technologies." 

About WatchIt Technologies Inc.:

WatchIt Technologies is an alternative "incubator" for developing and emerging "Green Technology" corporations. Its focus is on strategies that are structured to mitigate risk and produce returns in all market environments. Its current investment/development strategy is focused on direct investments in small/micro-cap public companies that have emerging growth and development and are exclusively involved in some aspect of "Green Technology."

It will offer management consultation to companies that meet its strict criteria and vetting process, and align those companies with individuals and financiers to help them achieve their financial goals and objectives.

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