BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - December 7, 2010) - uTest, the world's largest software testing marketplace, today announced the results of its Specialty E-Tailer Bug Battle competition. More than 600 uTesters, from 28 countries around the world, reported a total of 888 technical, functional and GUI bugs in the web and mobile apps of eBay, and Zappos.

uTest's community of software professionals then ranked the specialty e-tailers based on fraud protection, product search accuracy, ease-of-use, low prices, community reviews and ratings and more. eBay emerged as the leader with the fewest bugs, the top rankings and best overall feedback, followed by and Zappos, respectively (for complete details, see the full uTest Bug Battle report).

In all, 600+ testers from 28 countries participated in the weeklong competition -- reporting nearly 900 bugs.

  • eBay placed first in every survey category and recorded the fewest bugs overall (220 bugs)
  • Trailing eBay in the number of bugs was (314 bugs), closely followed by Zappos (354 bugs)
  • Fraud protection, product search accuracy and overall usability were deemed the most important factors when choosing an e-tailer
  • Zappos came in second in the category of product search accuracy and ease-of-use, while came in second for fraud protection and low prices
  • 65 percent of respondents trust eBay most for their holiday shopping

Fraud Protection Is Most Important

  • 30 percent selected fraud protection as most important when evaluating a specialty e-tailer
  • 78 percent ranked eBay as number one over Overstock (second place) and Zappos (third place)

Product Search Accuracy & Ease Of Use

  • 22 percent selected product search accuracy as most important when evaluating a specialty e-tailer
  • 68 percent ranked eBay as number one over Zappos (second place) and Overstock (third place)
  • Ease-of-use (20%), low prices (9%), community reviews and ratings (6.5%), shopping tools (6.5%), and brand variety (6%) received the remaining votes

Specialty E-Tailer Comparison (ranked by respondents with 1 being the best)

Fraud Protection Product Search Ease-Of-Use Low Prices
1. eBay 1. eBay 1. eBay 1. eBay
2. Overstock 2. Zappos 2. Zappos 2. Overstock
3. Zappos 3. Overstock 3. Overstock 3. Zappos

"With e-tail sales in the U.S. expected to exceed $50 billion this holiday season (Forrester, US Online Holiday Retail Forecast, 2010), companies should be carefully considering how they can improve and optimize their web and mobile apps," said uTest VP of Marketing & Community, Matt Johnston. "This Bug Battle clearly demonstrated that fraud protection, product search accuracy and ease-of-use are vital to the success of retail and e-tail companies. The uTest community once again proved its ability to quickly mobilize and provide in-the-wild testing coverage and usability feedback."

Detailed results of this study are available at

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