PISCATAWAY, NJ--(Marketwire - January 11, 2011) - The IEEE 1588 Conformity Alliance today announced its Committee of Experts, comprised of many notable leaders in the timing and network synchronization field. The initial scope of the Committee of Experts is the review and approval of the Certification Test Suite for telecom, followed by the certification program launch in early 2011.

"We believe the 1588 certification program will play an important role in the adoption of IEEE 1588-2008 as the de-facto industry standard for synchronization delivery over packet networks. As in the past, conformance certification programs have proven to be very effective in creating broad adoption of standards within the telecommunications industry," stated Michael Howard, principal analyst and co-founder of Infonetics Research. "The formation of this panel of experts to develop comprehensive tests for IEEE 1588-2008 Conformity Assessment certification represents a confluence of some of the best and brightest minds from the synchronization industry. Without a doubt, this panel will help ensure the success of the certification program."

Committee members have taken on the responsibility of furthering IEEE 1588-2008 testing effort into a practical reality. The Committee of Experts brings deep insight and industry best practices to the Alliance's certification efforts and test plans for the IEEE 1588-2008 telecommunications and power profiles.

"We are fortunate to have such a distinguished group of industry experts working within the Alliance," says Bob Mandeville, IEEE 1588 Conformity Alliance chairman and president of Iometrix. "The addition of several prominent tier-one service provider experts to the committee is a positive sign for the success and adoption of the telecom profile certification program." 

IEEE 1588 Conformity Alliance's Committee of Experts consists of the following global service providers, standards developers, as well as other industry leaders in the field of timing and synchronization:

John Eidson - Chairperson, IEEE 1588 Standards Working Group
Jean-Loup Ferrant - ITU-T SG15 Q13 Rapporteur
Michael Mayer - Editor of the ITU-T Recommendations containing the "telecom profile" for frequency (G.8265.1) and its related architecture (G.8265).
Silvana Rodrigues - Secretary of IEEE 1588
Stefano Ruffini - Q13/15 Associated Rapporteur
Kishan Shenoi - Technical Co-Chair of Workshop on Synchronization in Telecommunications Systems (WSTS)
Mike Gilson - BT Innovation and Design Technical specialist on timing and synchronization providing expert consultancy to wider BT Group. BT representative to ITU, IETF, ITSF, NIST in relation to timing and synchronization including 1588 technology.
Sebastien Jobert - France Telecom Orange, R&D engineer, network synchronization, participant to ITU-T SG15 Q13
Han Li - Deputy Principle Staff, China Mobile representative to transport and synchronization technology
Stephan Bedrosian - Distinguished Engineer, LSI Corporation, Standards representative/contributor to ITU-T SG15 Q13, IEEE1588, MEF and WSTS
Chris Farrow - Technical Services Manager, Chronos Technology Ltd, UK
Tim Frost - Principal Technologist, Symmetricom Inc. Editor of ITU-T Recommendation G.8260, formerly editor of MEF3, MEF8 and MEF18.
Alon Geva - Advanced Technologies Manager, R&D, RAD Data Communications. Standards representative to ITU-T SG15/Q13.
Leonid Goldin - Cisco Systems, technical leader, network synchronization, participant to ITU-T SG15 Q13
Kenneth Hann - Standards representative to ITU-T, Tellabs
Phil Kruzinski - SVP, Engineering, Brilliant Telecommunications
Peter Meyer - System Architect, Packet Network Timing & Synchronization, Zarlink Semiconductor. Standards representative to ITU-T SG15 Q13, IETF and MEF.
Isabelle Morency - VP of Engineering, Iometrix, Editor of the IEEE 1588 Conformity Test Suite for Frequency Synchronization in Telecommunication Networks.
Amit Oren - Director, Network Switch Architecture, Broadcom Corp.
Michel Ouellette - Huawei Technologies, Technical Advisor - IP Network Solutions Lab and Clock Lab, Board of Directors - IEEE 1588 Conformity Alliance
Malcolm Paterson - VP Engineering, Calnex Solutions
Antti Pietilainen - Senior Specialist, Mobile Transport, Nokia Siemens Networks, IEEE 1588 v2: Contributor, ITU telecom profiles for IEEE 1588 Contributor
Peter Roberts - Alcatel-Lucent Network Synchronization Specialist and Standards Representative
Dominik Schneuwly - Synchronization specialist at Oscilloquartz. Swisscom representative to ITU-T SG15 Q13.
Matthew Simone - P.Eng, Test Engineer, Network Synchronization, Alcatel-Lucent
David Tonks - Principal Applications Engineer, Semtech
Mehmet Toy - Ph.D-Comcast, Network Architecture and Standards
Chip Webb - Chief Technology Officer, Anue Systems

"Industry standards are very important to the successful deployment of new technologies," explains Silvana Rodrigues, director of system engineering, Integrated Device Technology Canada and IEEE 1588 working group secretary. "There are numerous details involved in the application of IEEE 1588 and ITU-T PTP (Precision Time Protocol) profile. However the correct usage of these specifications is critical to the future of the Industry. The assembly of this committee of experts is the essential first step in establishing certification testing to ensure compliance to those standards."

IEEE 1588 Conformity Alliance is managed by the IEEE Conformity Assessment Program (ICAP), a joint venture between IEEE and IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization (IEEE-ISTO). For further information about the IEEE 1588 Conformity Alliance, the Committee of Experts or membership information, visit www.IEEE1588ConformityAlliance.org, or contact Peter Lefkin, managing director, ICAP, at Peter.Lefkin@IEEE-ISTO.org.

*IEEE Std 1588-2008 is the "IEEE Standard for a Precision Clock Synchronization Protocol for Networked Measurement and Control Systems."

About IEEE 1588 Conformity Alliance

IEEE 1588 Conformity Alliance was established to advocate the Precision Timing Protocol and to focus on certifying implementations to assure conformance to IEEE 1588™ "Standard for a Precision Clock Synchronization Protocol for Networked Measurement and Control Systems."

Founding Board Members of the IEEE 1588 Conformity Alliance include Alcatel-Lucent, Anue Systems, Brilliant Telecommunications, Calnex Solutions, Huawei Technologies, Iometrix, and Symmetricom. Additional Founding Members include Accedian Networks, Chronos Technology, and Ericsson. The group is currently developing a test program that will serve as the foundation of its conformance and certification activities.

The program is managed by IEEE Conformity Assessment Program with testing processes and implementation executed by Iometrix with support from all of the Founding Members. For more information, visit www.IEEE1588ConformityAlliance.org today.

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