BEIJING--(Marketwire - Apr 12, 2011) - INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM (IDF) -- Pericom Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: PSEM), a leading supplier of high-speed connectivity, timing and signal-conditioning silicon and quartz solutions, today announced multiple switching, signal conditioning, and USB charging solutions that support industry-leading CPU chipsets aimed at volume desktop (DT), notebook (NB), and fast growing tablet (TAB) segments. Closely tracking industry leading CPU vendor roadmaps, Pericom previously announced advanced multi-product support for new Server/Storage CPU chipsets, with key focus on the new PCIe 3.0 protocol. For this latest multi-product launch, Pericom will be demonstrating and displaying these IC solutions at booth #GE13 in the Technology Showcase during IDF Beijing at the China National Convention Center (CNCC) April 12 & 13, 2011.

Top-tier DT/NB/TAB vendors continuously redesign and refresh their product architectures to accommodate new chipset features and provide differentiating options to make products more useful, productive, and powerful. Serial protocols such as external SATA (eSATA), USB, VGA, and Display Port need connectivity products with advanced features that support constantly evolving chipset-function demands for internal motherboard, docking, and peripheral applications. Connectivity products must also offer value-add and unique features to enable vendor differentiation. Platform designers are faced with the issue of having these most advanced chipset connectivity products available for each design cycle.

Addressing this issue, Pericom has rolled out 12 new connectivity products that offer value-add options, industry best performance, and assist in interfacing these latest core chipset functions to DT/ NB/TAB end user features. Specifically there are 6 SATA/eSATA and USB 3.0 ReDriver™ signal conditioners offering industry-lowest operating and standby power, 2 USB PowerNap™ Charger Controllers offering industry-lowest operating power and unique power down modes, 2 VGA analog switches that integrate almost all external components, and 2 high-speed signal switches for USB 2.0, and DisplayPort (DP) to TMDS video signals that incorporate best-in-class user features.

"Pericom's strategy is to offer complete value add, multi-function connectivity solutions for a given market platform. We have previously done this for server and storage CPU chipsets, and now for volume computing chipsets," said Alex Hui, Pericom co-founder and CEO. "Fast and growing adoption rate of both of these product families by our top-tier customers for present and future chipset platforms in computing and server segments confirms our leadership position. We continue to work closely with chipset vendors and customers to continue providing the most advanced industry leading and value-add features across our multiple product line offerings."

The combined DT/NB/NetB/TAB market is forecasted to grow 22% to 519 million units by 2013, according to a Feb, 2011 IDC report, with over 50% of this volume capable of being addressed by Pericom's new multi-product family.

For signal conditioning, the new multi-product offering includes the new single and dual-port USB 3.0 5Gb/s ReDrivers with industry smallest packages and lowest power. The 2 new SATA 3.0 6Gb/s ReDrivers offer industry lowest operating, standby, idle, HDD unplug power, and multi-supply voltage options.

For USB charging, both new USB PowerNap Charger Controllers are industry leading fully integrated charger control sleep-and-charge ICs that feature 'power off' charging, industry smallest packages, and support for the new 1.2 charger specification.

For signal switching, the 2 new 1:2 VGA video switches offer advanced, fully integrated all-VGA-signals switching, fully integrated video buffers, and dual-control logic, while the video-switch level shifter combines dual mode DP to TMDS switching and level shifting. Also offered is a high-speed USB signal switch with industry's smallest package.


  • PI3EQX7741ST, PI3EQX7742ST: USB 3.0 ReDrivers -- samples now, production June 2011
  • PI2EQX6741SL, PI3EQX6741ST: SATA/eSATA 3.0 ReDrivers -- samples and production now
  • PI2EQX4951SL, PI3EQX4951ST: SATA/eSATA 2.0 ReDrivers -- samples and production now
  • PI5USB14550-A, PI5USB14566: USB Charge Controllers -- samples and production now
  • PI3V712-A, PI3V713-A: VGA analog switch -- samples and production now
  • PI3USB102: USB analog switch -- samples and production now
  • PI3VDP411LS: DP to TMDS video switch/level shifter -- samples and production now

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