EDISON, NJ--(Marketwire - Aug 11, 2011) - FieldView Solutions, a provider of industry-leading Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software -- and recent recipient of venture-led funding -- today announced it will showcase its enhanced FieldView 4.0 data center efficiency solution at the Data Center Dynamics conference on August 16th, Washington, DC (Booth #11). In conjunction with demonstrating the solution's advanced data center system measurement tools and power/cooling analytical reports, the company will be on hand to help demystify DCIM, and clarify its relationship and value to facilities and network managers.

Fred Dirla, CEO of FieldView Solutions, defines DCIM as "applicable to facilities management, server racks and IT." However, he draws the line at DCIM providing server performance metrics, asset management capabilities and network connectivity information. "It's an important distinction to make when comparing data center power, cooling and BMS management abilities to IT's need to manage server lifecycles, trouble tickets and port availability," he says.

Currently three of the world's largest banks, as well as nine of the Fortune 250 enterprise organizations, trust their data centers to FieldView's solution. Andy Lawrence, Research Director, Eco-Efficient IT at The 451 Group, elaborates, "FieldView, used by many blue chip companies, is clearly designed by and for dedicated datacenter managers, who need visibility into their entire infrastructure, not just the servers and the racks."

FieldView 4.0 offers:

  • Site Metrics Ribbon (SMR) - New views drill down into country, state, location and actual data center floor plans to enable at-a-glance viewing of detailed information such as server heat maps (in front and behind servers), power loads, backup generator diesel fuel levels and much more.
  • Redesigned User Interface (UI) - Customizable Web browser-type "favorite pages" enable users to quickly experience most desired, data center information search results.
  • The Metrics Viewer (MV) - An analytics and reporting portal allowing multiple, real-time IT and facilities metrics to be easily monitored while providing specialized controls for generating comparative analysis, for when the standard metrics and reports are just not enough.
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Reports and Charts - Pre-defined BI reports using industry standards and thresholds, regulatory guidelines, comparative metrics/analysis, and operator best practices are now embedded within the solution.
  • Critical Polling Agent (CPA) - Allows configuration of selected devices for high priority, high-performance polling, to reduce alarming latency on live equipment.
  • Visibility into Infrastructure and Supporting Computing Equipment - FieldView's expanded database contains Web pages and reporting tools necessary to manage mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment, to help unleash stranded and locked BMS data.
  • Zone Concept (ZC) - Enables users, specifically colocation providers, the ability to sub-divide data into user groups, separate locations, applications or system privileges.
  • Enhanced Operational Reporting - Allows users to set parameters for generating and viewing operational reports.
  • Enterprise Integration Layer (EIL) - An open database polling option which uses the ODBC standard and published APIs to poll devices, with values stored in third-party or other independent databases.

For more product information, schedule a live demo at (732) 395-6920 or via email at info@fieldviewsolutions.com.

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To schedule a face-to-face meeting with FieldView Solutions at Data Center Dynamics, please email rsonatore@fieldviewsolutions.com.

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