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Covisint, a Compuware Company, Helps Oil and Gas Companies Engage Securely for Joint Ventures

Company's Chief Security Officer to Present in Virtual Trade Show on How Joint Ventures Can Collaborate More Quickly and Securely

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DETROIT, Oct. 18, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Covisint, a Compuware (Nasdaq:CPWR) company, announced that its Chief Security Officer, Dave Miller, is speaking today and tomorrow at Digital Oilfield Summit -- an online conference and exhibition -- regarding how companies can engage to manage security information, practices and processes for oil and gas joint ventures. The presentation, titled: Successful Knowledge and Information Exchange for Oil and Gas Joint Ventures, is free and available by registering at

Webinar attendees will learn from Covisint how to:

  • decrease the "time-to-first-oil" through better business collaboration and connectivity;
  • avoid millions of dollars in auditing penalties by providing better control and insight;
  • foster "community creations" that bring disparate-yet-complementary businesses and services securely together;
  • increase implementation speed for key business initiatives; and,
  • build productive trust relationships among competitors.

"It's a new world, and organizations need to collaborate -- often establishing joint ventures with competitors and others -- to achieve their goals," Miller said. "Business success is increasingly being defined by and linked to IT success, and securely helping companies to connect and collaborate in the cloud is Covisint's core strength. The key is to learn and benefit from the collaboration successes other industries have pioneered and proven. For oil and gas in particular, information is increasingly becoming the strategic asset, not the drilling rigs."

What: Digital Oilfield Virtual Summit -- a fully virtual and online conference and exhibition dedicated to information and communications technologies for the oil and gas industry.

Who should attend: IT and exploration/exploitation professionals in the oil and gas industry.

What to expect: Miller will discuss how multiple industries have successfully managed identities on an enterprise scale, including manufacturing, healthcare and financial services. Attendees also can visit virtual trade show booths, download meaningful content and interact via chat rooms and integrated video chat.

When: Miller's virtual presentation -- which begins today at 1:30 p.m. Eastern and includes a live chat Q&A with the CSO. The presentation and an original chat session with Miller will both occur again at 1:30 p.m. London time (8:30 a.m. Eastern) tomorrow, October 19, for European audiences. Digital Oilfield Virtual Summit will remain available on demand through December, 2011.

Covisint identity management services -- at the core of the Covisint ExchangeLink™ platform -- significantly reduce the burden of integrating complex systems, managing multiple IDs and passwords across a wide network of constituents by performing time-consuming administration and reporting tasks while also ensuring compliance. Covisint identity services enable organizations to simply and securely manage digital identities across virtually any combination of internal/external systems and end user groups. Delivered as an on demand set of services, Covisint identity services centralize and automate processes surrounding the exposure, acceptance, and monitoring of digital identities across security domains.

Covisint ExchangeLink™ for energy ( provides identity management services in the oil and gas industry where joint ventures are formed frequently and secure information sharing across the extended enterprise is required. 

Covisint, a Compuware Company

Covisint, a Compuware company, enables information ecosystems that quickly revolutionize organizations by providing secure communication and collaboration between people and systems in remarkably simple ways. Covisint is a recognized cloud computing pioneer driving the on-demand revolution that helps organizations connect, communicate and collaborate with their partners -- enabling anywhere, anytime information. The Covisint ExchangeLink™ platform provides industry-specific services for identity management, collaborative portals and data exchange, as well as a third-party application marketplace. Learn more at, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

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