DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - Nov 1, 2011) - All agree that preparing for an emergency is the best defense one can have. Besides natural disasters though, individuals and families must also consider the prospect of a complete breakdown in the economy. To help customers adequately prepare and weather these types of situations, gold coin dealer Provident Metals, LLC (http://www.providentmetals.com/) now offers a variety of food storage and survival kits.

Over the last few years, ferocious weather events along with terrible economic conditions have led to more urgency in people to consider survival preparations. Experts contend this need will continue for the foreseeable future as the cost for necessary staples like food are expected to increase exponentially. Many individuals and families though do not know where to begin preparing for this potential calamity and therefore lack an adequate supply of nutritious food.

"If our worst fears about the economy come true and there's a complete breakdown, perishable food will quickly become the most valuable thing a person can own, more valuable than gold or silver coins I'm willing to bet," comments J.W. Haugen, General Manager of Provident Metals, LLC. "Food storage kits can provide a cost effective solution that can be taken and used anywhere."

Emergency food storage kits come in a variety of quantities from single meals to a 1-year supply for an entire family. All individual entrees come freeze-dried, dehydrated and sealed in heavy duty Mylar pouches. Survival kits contain many necessary items besides food and are designed to grab and go in an evacuation.

To learn more about emergency food storage options, visit the 'Food & Survival' section on the gold coin dealer's website at http://www.providentmetals.com/food-storage-survival-supplies.html today.

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