SAN RAMON, CA--(Marketwire - Jan 24, 2012) - xMatters, inc., the relevance engine company, announces its most comprehensive software release to date, version 5.0. Clients will find hundreds of new additions to their on-premise xMatters (alarmpoint) relevance engine, now called the xMatters (IT) engine, including updates to the user interface to increase end user adoption, enhancements to scheduling to improve the targeting of alerts and much more. Clients will also benefit from more rapid, targeted continuity alerts and real time collaboration from the enhancements to the xMatters (bcm) engine.

"We are very proud of the innovation that 5.0 brings to our software clients," said Doug Peete, VP of product management, xMatters. "With a revamped user interface, an optimized platform and a whole pile of enhancements, 5.0 will provide the backbone for clients to run their business communication processes."

While there are benefits for all parts of the organization, business continuity teams will see huge improvements in their processes with a new user interface, best in class scenario security, improved attachment support, (find you) conferencing which allows for real time, instant voice conferencing, and enhanced scenario reporting. The 5.0 release also supports automated data synchronization with the xMatters on demand offering so clients can leverage the cloud for scalability, failover, and recovery processes.

"Version 5.0 represents not only an incremental leap for our software clients, but it also represents huge operational efficiencies for managing xMatters' rapidly growing base of on demand clients using the Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings," said Nick DeSimone, VP of service assurance, xMatters.

The release has several enhancements for rolling out patches and product enhancements that will allow clients of the on demand platforms to quickly gain access to new features and stay in sync with the latest innovations that xMatters rolls out.

"About two years ago we moved to a SCRUM development methodology which has allowed us to continuously innovate our on demand product offering," said Tobias Dunn-Krahn, VP engineering, xMatters. "With 5.0 we are able to unify our code line so our software clients can receive the same benefits our on demand clients have been enjoying. We have seen performance increases in some notification channels of 12x when compared to prior releases."

While many of the benefits of version 5.0 are under the hood, clients will immediately see the improved performance that is provided by optimizations to the message bus, a more advanced prioritization scheme, and leveraging cloud-based notification services.

xMatters version 5.0 for new installs on Linux and Oracle platforms will be available January 31, 2012, and upgrades for current clients will occur over the next six months. To learn more, visit the xMatters community site at

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