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Players Network CEO, Mark Bradley Shareholder Update and Outlook for 2012

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LAS VEGAS, Jan. 31, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Players Network (OTC Bulletin Board: PNTV.OB - News), update from Mark Bradley, Chief Executive Officer, Players Network.

Dear shareholders; I wanted to take a few minutes to update you on our company's growth in 2011, and the opportunities and challenges that lay ahead in 2012.

In 2011 we completely redesigned our corporate website to highlight the company's new, expanded business model. The masthead now reads, "Branded Lifestyle Networks." For years PNTV has been known for its "Vegas On Demand" Network with extensive distribution to millions of TV homes in the USA (as outlined in the 'About Section'). The company is now expanding the business model created for its Vegas Brand, and replicating it to create hundreds of additional Branded Networks in numerous Lifestyle Categories (check the 'Services Section' for more details). 

This evolution was made possible in 2011 when Players Network secured financing to build a powerful, proprietary Web Enterprise Platform to power its own Digital Network / Lifestyle Channel Destination The exciting result is that our Enterprise Platform's extensive functionality and unlimited scalability now allows us to efficiently build, manage, distribute, market and monetize not only "", but an unlimited number of Digital Networks / Lifestyle Channel Destinations, with Revenue Models that go far beyond traditional Advertising to include Membership Fees, Merchandising, Couponing, Subscriptions, Branded Sponsorships, Loyalty Programs, Contests and Incentive CPA Advertising integrated with a Virtual Economy / Currency.

Today Industries and Businesses know they need a Digital Marketing Strategy for Social Media, Video Production and Distribution, as well as ongoing Content Management. PNTV's Enterprise Platform can provide them a turnkey solution to create and launch their own branded Digital Lifestyle Network through a rev-share partnership with PNTV, or by licensing  PNTV's Enterprise Platform as a Plug-and-Play solution (that PNTV can also be contracted to manage for them).

The company has already signed its initial partnership rev-share deal with J&H Production, the undisputed leader in several Las Vegas Nightlife Entertainment Categories. J&H is currently funding Players Network's production of a Reality Series for Cable Television, as well as New Media 'webisodes' that will used to launch a Branded Digital Lifestyle Network utilizing our Platform. In addition to this initial partnership, PNTV is actively pursuing partnerships for Digital Channel Destinations in Lifestyles as diversified as Real Estate, Country Music, Nightlife, Celebrity, Health and Fitness, Fashion, Pets, Hobbies, Alternative Living, Vintage Automotive, Extreme Sports, Education, Teens/Kids, and Arts and Entertainment.

Now that PNTV has developed its powerful proprietary Enterprise Platform, the transition to revenue generation and growth is at hand. Our challenges in 2012 include securing additional funding to continue expansion through new Channel Destination partnerships/licensing; executing our marketing strategies to build awareness, membership, and increased web traffic that generates revenue on our flagship channel, Vegas On Demand; expanding our Management Team and workforce, and modifying our Board of Directors to include new, formidable Board Members with seasoned expertise that facilitates the company's progress and growth.

In 2012 I am personally dedicated to making PNTV stand out from other small public companies by generating revenue through a sound and timely business, and creating public awareness that generates a diversified following of long term retail investors, analysts and institutions that understand our company's vision, and the incredible opportunities available in the growth industry of New Digital Media, and niche Lifestyle Destinations.

Once a strong, long term investor base is developed, the company plans to raise additional rounds of financing to expand our management and workforce, and accelerate our marketing programs that drive more and more customers to our Events, Programming and Channel Destinations.

I am enthusiastic about the coming year, and focused squarely upon executing our new, robust Branded Lifestyle Networks business model to bring increased value to our Player Network Shareholders. Thank you so much for your continued support. I look forward to frequently updating you on our progress in 2012 and beyond.


Mark Bradley

CEO Players Network

About Players Network

Players Network is a Television and Digital New Media Company that owns a proprietary Enterprise Web Platform allowing it to create hundreds of Lifestyle Channel Destinations on any digital device. For the past six years Players Network has distributed originally-produced programming about the Las Vegas and Gaming Lifestyle from its library of over 1600 titles on its VOD Channel "Vegas On Demand" available in millions of TV homes on Comcast, DirecTV, etc., through worldwide television syndication, and on its branded channels on Hulu, Blinkx, Google, YouTube and Yahoo Video, etc. For more information go to

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