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JKMilne Asset Management Ranks in Lipper's Top 20 Money Managers of 2011

International Fixed Income

| Source: JKMilne Asset Management

Fort Myers, Feb. 22, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- JKMilne Asset Management in Fort Myers, Florida, has earned recognition once again in the Lipper Best Money Manager 2011 rankings, announced chief executive officer John K. Milne.  Lipper is a Thomson Reuters Company.

In Lipper's performance survey for the year ended December 31, 2011, JKMilne Asset Management earned Top 20 recognition for their Global Product Strategy.  The firm accomplished a ranking of 16th out of 141 money managers invested in the international fixed income markets.  With a 2011 annual return of 7.7% in their Global Product Strategy, JKMAM more than doubled the 3.5981% average return of the 141 included investment advisors.  At a time when global markets are experiencing extreme volatility, this recognition is a strong demonstration of the firm's commitment to its clients.

JKMilne Asset Management is a 7-year-old employee-owned investment adviser firm registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission that manages key components of bond risk to produce higher relative returns at volatility below that of the market.  JKMAM’s philosophy is focused on domestic US and Global sovereign investment grade markets, where those investing for income can find broad sector opportunities in deep and often complex markets. The team stays true to the intent of fixed income. 

While the industry is overwhelmingly dominated by large corporate entities whose resources are widely spread among a great many non-investment functions, as owners, the JKMAM shareholders are deeply committed to actively applying a more direct approach to the management of individual portfolios.  The firm specializes in institutional fixed income investing and offers expert, highly personalized, results-driven portfolio management needs for a variety of institutions, including pension management, charitable endowments, foundations, public funds, defined contribution plans, college and university funds, and healthcare.

[Ranking Methodology] Lipper's rankings are based on a web based survey that money managers complete.  There are certain minimum criteria a firm must comply with to be considered in the Best Money Managers rankings.  Performance must be calculated "net" of all fees and brokerage commissions, inclusive of all cash reserves, and in U.S. dollars.  In addition performance results must be calculated on an asset base which is at least $10 million in size, and the classification of the product must fall into one of the categories that Lipper ranks, with a minimum universe of 20 contenders.

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