COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwire - Mar 6, 2012) - With the release of TeamDynamixHE 8.0, TeamDynamix unveiled a comprehensive Service Desk solution and accessible Data Everywhere reporting model that will help higher education IT departments quickly and easily access and share information. For version 8.0, TeamDynamix focused on delivering a solution that will further help to improve the experience of IT's clients, consolidate support for IT's core work streams, increase team member productivity and provide more transparency into IT's tasks, projects, tickets and resources. TeamDynamixHE 8.0 suite of project tracking, reporting and portfolio management software provides colleges and universities with the tools to prioritize efforts, adapt to change, manage resources and meet commitments on time and on budget.

"During the past year, we have literally started from scratch with the way TeamDynamixHE manages Tickets and reporting, and the end results will allow our customers to better tell IT's story," said Andrew Graf, lead analyst for TeamDynamix. "With the introduction of SLAs, workflows, Knowledge Base and other features, TeamDynamixHE's Tickets application is capable of fully handling the needs of an IT help desk. In addition, our new Report Builder makes it easy for users to customize reports across any of the data stored in TeamDynamixHE, and even integrate data from a third-party application such as Network and Hardware performance using simple web services. These custom reports can be retrieved easily outside of TeamDynamixHE, such as via email, in a SharePoint webpart or through a Microsoft Excel Add-in.

Summary of Key Upgrades

  • Service Desk - The new Tickets application includes automated workflows between ticket tasks, Service Level Agreements, a self-service Knowledge Base and more. Fields such as ticket status and priority, as well as the form for different ticket types, can be completely customized to meet the needs of each institution.

  • Data Everywhere - The new Report Builder allows users to create custom reports that can be viewed within TeamDynamixHE applications and desktops, and more importantly, can be presented outside of the tool via web services and built-in scheduled email delivery options. New applications are available in the TeamDynamix Community for SharePoint and Excel integration, and web services allow users to display data anywhere they choose.

  • Service Catalog - The new Service Catalog fully defines and categorizes the types of services offered by IT, while giving stakeholders a simple, integrated interface for requesting work.

Graf added, "The latest version of our software demonstrates our full commitment to ticket management and to making it easier for our customers to access and share data from wherever they want. During the next year, we are committed to enhancing our Service Desk capabilities, as well as making it easier for customers to collaborate across institutions in our Higher Education PPM Community. As with past version of our software, the product roadmap has been greatly influenced by our customers who serve on the TeamDynamix Advisory Council. With their help, we continue to meet the needs of higher education IT professionals while shaping TeamDynamixHE into the number one PPM application in the higher education market."

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TeamDynamix is the leading provider of web-based project and portfolio management solutions for the higher education market. The TeamDynamixHE suite of project tracking, reporting and portfolio management software provides the work tools and environment necessary for successful project management and delivery, in addition to project and portfolio management and planning, IT governance, resource management, service desk ticket management, time and expense tracking and knowledge management. TeamDynamixHE is currently used by a number of leading colleges and universities in North America, including Carnegie Mellon University, Florida State University, Syracuse University, McGill University, University of Colorado, The Ohio State University and Virginia Tech University. The company is based in Columbus, Ohio. For more information, visit

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