Felonbook.com Aims to Unify 65 Million American Adults With Criminal Records

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NEW YORK, March 12, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Felonbook.com aims to unify 65 million Americans* with criminal records via a private, members only social media networking community, all built upon game changing principles of anonymous viral activism, or A-V-A.

Felonbook exists to give personal power back to those with a criminal history, all in the pursuit of productive social change. The negative social force affecting people with criminal pasts can now be eliminated by felonbook's controversial approach.

Although the felonbook model is focused on fixing issues related to people with felony convictions, the community invites all those who understand the nature of the "system" and want to change it. Felonbook encourages anyone, felon or not, to sign up and engage the community with their most uplifting personal vision of changing the "game" for the benefit of all.  The community then votes on the best plans and pours millions of dollars into the highest regarded ideals. 

The felonbook community is looking for complete ideals that leave a permanent and positive effect upon the world, no matter how large or small their scope.  Felonbook gives the average Joe, perhaps a convicted felon, ex-con, even friends, family or like-minded citizens, the opportunity to have their vision manifest.  This is done when an individual member of the community creates a Group, gives details about something he or she would like to change, and then through discussion proceeds to "sell" this particular plan to the Group's membership roles.

The plans shopped to any particular community Group are then refined and voted on by the members of that GroupGroups that have three thousand members in unanimous agreement, move forward to a Forum where the entire felonbook community looks over the proposal.  Game Changer plans are approved out of Forum by an entire community majority vote.  After this they are adopted and supported from the community fund, which is generated via individual membership fees of $9.99 a year.

The members who post the best ideas become "Game Changers" and get to act as their own project managers.  Game Changers are rewarded $1000 USD a day for the duration of time their project takes to completion.  A maximum of 30 days is allowed for every project.  So any given Game Changer stands to be granted $30,000 USD while enjoying full lateral support from the entire felonbook community.  This is when the original idea, now tempered by the views and votes of the entire community, becomes an Event.  The Event is executed and reported on.   The community then votes again to determine the success or failure of any particular "Game Changer" mission, press releases are issued and the process continues.

Felonbook calls this process of unifying the community voice and creating positive action, A-V-A, or anonymous viral activism.  In keeping with this anonymous theme, there are no personal pictures or videos promoted on felonbook, quite the opposite of facebook or myspace.  Photo and video features are only utilized to provide supporting evidence and help foster game changing plans for felonbook's various groups and forums. With a demographic of 65 million disenfranchised people in America alone, felonbook's approach encourages large-scale participation.  Currently 1 in 4 American adults are walking around with a criminal history pinned to their name.  The chance for these folks to "unite and do right" by working together to better each of their own individual lives 100is now at hand.

Felonbook does not support criminal activity, but says, "If a small army of lobbyists are what the job requires, they will be hired too."  Go to felonbook.com, sign up and read the Main page Game Changer message from its founder, Mr. X (con) the anonymous visionary behind the felonbook model.  Mr. X (con) spent over 14 years in federal prison on non-violent marijuana charges, crafting this idea for the majority of his time.  A time that has finally come.

In the words of felonbook's founder, Mr. X (con), "Felonbook is all about showing people, felons or not, the power of one unified voice in purpose and action.  You don't have to be a felon to participate in the felonbook community, you only have to be fed up with the real criminals running today's political and corporate worlds and desire to do something about it.  Whether you become a Game Changer or not, through felonbook you are able to lend your voice and create change as a unified community.  Imagine if a 100 million people all thought of, and then asked for the same thing at once?  What politician or corporation would tell them no?"

*The National Employment Law Project, March 2011

 US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Adam Klein

 MEDIA PROFESSIONALS, CONTACT:  Mr.X_con@yahoo.com    


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