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Photo Release -- New Double-Drive Screwdriver Technology Gearing Up for Medical Market Expansion

Innovative Mechanical Design Seats Screws Twice as Fast

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Double Drive(TM) Screw Driver Headed For Medical Market

Double Drive(TM) Screw Driver Headed For Medical Market

New Double Drive screwdriver headed to medical market after successful home improvement debut during 2011 holiday season.

FIFE, Wash., March 27, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The first tool containing a new technology that cuts screw-driving time in half became a holiday season sensation for Lowe's Home Improvement stores. The retailer's supply of 800,000 mechanical screwdrivers with Double-Drive™ technology sold out a week before the 2011 Christmas holiday.

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Now, that technology is headed to operating rooms across the country to speed the installation of medical screws during surgical procedures.

"Medical staff are very receptive to reducing surgery time, even by a few minutes, because they are reducing costs, potential complications, and fatigue among surgical staff," said Overmars, the president and CEO of Double Drive Medical, Inc., based near Seattle. "We actually had calls from surgeons who received the home double-drive screwdriver as a gift and encouraged us to accelerate our plans for the medical market."

The patented screw-driving technology involves a unique set of gears that offer continuous driving regardless of which way the handle is turned, so the user can seat or unseat screws at twice the rate of manual or ratcheting drivers. It was developed by Overmars and a core team operating alongside his family's 35-year-old company that manufactures, modifies and repairs medical products.

Overmars said a medical-grade double-drive screwdriver is applicable in any surgery environment where manual screw driving is required, such as spine, orthopedic, cranial maxillofacial, trauma, and sports medicine procedures.

"As part of our go-to-market plans for the medical industry, we already have installed the double-drive technology into several medical-grade drivers and they perform to surgeons' expectations. We currently are seeking interest from medical equipment companies regarding either licensing the double-drive technology, or supplying products directly to the medical industry by manufacturing products in the U.S. and Germany. In either case, we expect to enter the medical market within 6-12 months."

Meanwhile, the home double-drive screwdriver will again appear in Lowe's stores for the 2012 holidays and will be online this summer. In addition, a variety of retail companies serving Canada, Europe and the U.S. have placed orders. Overmars also is expanding beyond screwdrivers by applying the double-drive technology to socket drivers for nuts and bolts.

About Double Drive Medical, Inc.

Based in Fife, Wash., Double Drive Medical, Inc. was formed to develop and introduce products featuring the patented double-drive technology to the medical industry. Additional information is available at or by calling 206.787.0229.

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Bob Overmars

President & CEO

Double Drive Medical, Inc.

Bob formed Double Drive Medical, Inc. for the sole purpose of developing and introducing the patented double-drive technology to mechanical products in in the medical industry. He acquired the double-drive technology in 2010 and the sold the first 800,000 units through Lowe's Home Improvement in 2011 through a sister company, Ratchet Solutions, Inc. Bob also serves as president of BPI Medical, a growing 35-year-old medical equipment manufacturing, modification and repair company with a staff of 60 that serves hospitals and surgery centers in the U.S. and globally. The company began in 1976 by Bob's father, who learned to manufacture, modify and repair surgical instruments in his native Holland. Bob joined the company in 1992 and was named President in 1994.  Earlier in his career, Bob was an industrial engineering supervisor and manufacturing engineer for Boeing Commercial Airplanes. He has a degree in industrial electronics from Central Washington University.

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