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In Honor of Trayvon Martin -- Martin Luther King Vision to Stop the Violence is Being Rebirthed by EM3 Productionz; Nationwide Calling for Families to Man Up and Empower Their Youth

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PHOENIX, April 3, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pioneering light will be emitted from EM3 Productionz (ASCAP), a father and 2 sons premiere positive rap group who will be releasing nationwide their inspirational music video, "Martin Didn't Die For This", on Wednesday, April 4th MLK's death day to bring attention to rising violence happening in today's society. "Martin Didn't Die For This" stars lead rapper Earsel Montgomery III of EM3 Productionz and features guest appearances by Olympic Silver Medalist and 2 Time Former Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Chris "Rapid Fire" Byrd and Associate Pastor Neil Souffrant of Potential Church Hallandale Beach Campus (Florida).

The video, directed by Sergei Luzginov & Video Production Tampa, sends a powerful message to the American culture and champions the courageous vision of MLK Stop the Violence Day 4-4-12.

This is EM3's 4th Music Video Project in the last 6 months. This positive rap music video is to commemorate the values, moral code and dream that Martin Luther King lived and died for on April 4th. Earsel Montgomery III, the lead rapper's life story coincides a lot with MLK's challenges since he had not met his father till he was 33 yrs old and his mom passed away when he was 9 and now is raising a family on his own. EM3Productionz.com represents an exciting victorious breakthrough where a father and 2 sons love and respect for one another is reaping a unique style of inspirational, family-oriented, feel good music for anybody to appreciate.

The audience will discover positive messages in their lyrics about purposeful empowerment to the local, nationwide and global community to stand against the dilemmas of violence, gang life and abusive language hindering today's youth. Earsel Montgomery III believes the solution is to Man Up for keeping 2 parent family/homes together to provide essential principles to effectively raise teach and mentor their children.

You can catch EM3 Productionz Live Performance 4-4-12 at Crown of Victory Christian Church, 6 pm located on 2335 E. Sandra Terrace, Phoenix, AZ 85022. This will be led by Pastor Enrique and Nohemi Lopez who will offer good music, pizza and Rap Music Video Premiere Party Celebration. Please note this place/church can be seen on footage from the "Live the Life" Music Video also found on their website, www.EM3Productionz.com

By Nicholis Washburn

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