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Complete Discovery Source Deploys Portable Appliance for Cross-Border Litigation and Investigations

Helps Navigate Strict EU Privacy Standards

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New York, NY, April 18, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Complete Discovery Source (CDS Legal), a leading U.S. based provider of eDiscovery services headquartered in New York, announced today that it has successfully deployed CDS DigitalCustoms, its portable data identification, filtration and redaction tool for international data collection projects.

Multinational corporations involved in litigation or regulatory investigations in the United States are often required to deliver electronic documents and emails from their international offices, to third parties. This creates problems, because data privacy regulations outside the U.S. differ significantly from those in this country. In the U.S., data that is created or stored on an organization's network is considered to be the property of that organization and can be used as needed. Outside the U.S. however, any personal information in that data is under the control of the individual. So, prior to removing electronically stored information (ESI) from its network, the organization must obtain permission from personnel and remove all personal information.

CDS Legal developed DigitalCustomsas a solution to this issue. With DigitalCustoms, a data specialist can arrive at a client's international location, armed with all of the tools necessary to adhere to local privacy regulations.

"After significant internal testing, we deployed the DigitalCustoms module for a project in Germany," explained Nathan Rhyne, Senior Forensic Analyst, "I worked closely with a Compliance Officer to ensure that everything that left the country was screened by the employees and that all personal information was removed. The best feature of our appliance is that it allows us to deploy without actually attaching to their infrastructure."

The release and successful execution of DigitalCustoms compliments Complete Discovery Source's expansion in the UK and EU. "We can be on the ground addressing their privacy needs within hours," stated Garrett Bendel, Chief Operating Officer. "This portability is a new feature, but the process within is time-tested and defensible ... exactly what our international clients need and overseas regulations demand."

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