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New Wellness Resources on Westminster Chiropractor's New Website

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WESTMINSTER, Colo., April 26, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lifetime Health and Wellness in Westminster, Colorado is offering patients new online health resources through their new website. The practice's newly revamped website,, includes information on chiropractic care and natural pain management, along with tips for optimizing overall wellbeing. Individuals can explore different website features, including the 3D Spine Simulator, video exercise library, and e-newsletters to learn more. The practice provides natural pain relief, car accident injury treatment, sessions with a certified acupuncturist and general wellness care for the communities of Broomfield, Arvada, Federal Heights, and Boulder.

Westminster chiropractic care center Lifetime Health and Wellness has launched a newly redesigned website to help patients learn more about non-invasive pain management and wellness care.

"Our new website explains our approach to whole body wellness and how natural care can help patients get healthy for life," said chiropractor Dr. Randy Snyder. "From carpal tunnel syndrome to sciatica, chronic pain can leave patients feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. Resources on our new website are designed to empower patients by showing them that there are safe, effective treatments."

Individuals with chronic back or neck pain can learn more about different pain management techniques on the website. The 3D Spine Simulator is a website resource that helps patients better understand the underlying cause for their pain, such as a herniated disc in the lower back. The simulator shows how a single misaligned disc can compress nearby nerves, leading to pain.

"The 3D Spine Simulator is one of the many new resources that we are excited to share with our patients," said Dr. Kevin R. Bates. "Our goal is to help patients understand what causes their pain and why natural treatments like spinal adjustments and acupuncture are so incredibly effective."

Individuals can learn more about the science behind different treatment techniques by visiting the "Community Content" library. The "Your Health" tab on the website also features informative articles explaining causes of pain, such as "Anatomy of a Backache", "Survival Guide: Automobile Accidents" and "Winter Sports Report."

"These guides are a great resource for patients to learn in-depth information about specific accident injuries and the different treatment options available, such as spinal adjustments and acupuncture," said Dr. Corrie L. Pillon. "Following an accident injury, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by pain and not be sure what the body needs in order to heal. That's why we compiled these useful guides. They are a one-stop collection of critical information that empowers patients to seek the care their bodies need to properly heal following injuries."

Individuals who wish to receive the latest wellness news may sign up for the bi-weekly wellness e-newsletter. Topics include wellness needs, such as nutrition and weight loss, natural pain management, and pediatric chiropractic care.

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