MicroEdge Releases DonorCentral 3.0

Online Donor Portal Helps Community Foundations Increase Donor Engagement and Deliver a World-Class Donor Experience

| Source: MicroEdge, LLC

New York, April 30, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MicroEdge, LLC, the leading provider of solutions for the giving community worldwide, today announced the availability of DonorCentral 3.0. This web-based donor portal helps community foundations deliver superior service to their donors with relevant and personalized communications, and instant access to important fund and grantmaking information. The latest version provides donors with a more visual, at-a-glance view of key information and makes it easier for them to work within the portal, while allowing community foundations the ability to simply and effectively represent their organization's branding and style.

DonorCentral helps community foundations work more efficiently and communicate more effectively with their donors. It saves considerable time and resources by giving donors secure, online access to fund statements, fund information and grantmaking opportunities, anytime, anywhere.  Foundations can foster closer engagement with donors with the ability to easily share information about funding opportunities that closely match their individual interests.  Combined with comprehensive online grant recommendation features, DonorCentral is unparalleled in helping donors connect to the causes that interest them. What's more, DonorCentral is integrated with FIMS, the leading foundation management solution, for the ultimate level of convenience and efficiency.  Currently, DonorCentral supports almost 50,000 donors/advisors and to date, over $5.5 billion in grant suggestions have been made with DonorCentral.

Donor-advised funds - charitable giving vehicles that allow donors to recommend distributions to organizations of their choice - are increasing in popularity, as they provide an attractive means for donors to carry out their charitable interests.  In today's philanthropic environment, there is a great deal of competition for these funds, making it critically important for community foundations to maintain strong brand awareness in the donor community. DonorCentral 3.0 helps foundations enhance the donor experience by enabling organizations to improve their branding within the portal, maintaining greater consistency between their donor portal and their website.  "Community foundations often manage hundreds of donor-advised funds, and it can be challenging to support each donor's specific interests in a timely and personal way," says Preston McKenzie, MicroEdge CEO. "DonorCentral allows these organizations to do just that.  It is the ultimate tool for community foundations when it comes to successfully engaging with donors and maximizing the donor relationship."

The new version of DonorCentral also allows foundations to give donors a more personalized experience.  Organizations can customize donors' homepages and present information in ways that make the most sense for their foundation.  With DonorCentral 3.0, foundations also get complete visibility into donor interests and involvement. Donors can define the causes and organizations they are interested in supporting, and can update this information at any time, from anywhere. This allows foundations to more easily connect donors to the right opportunities. These new capabilities, combined with an enhanced grant recommendation feature, translate into an improved overall donor experience that will keep donors engaged more deeply and more often.

The capabilities mentioned in this release are now available in DonorCentral 3.0.  Clients who are currently using DonorCentral 2.0 can now contact upgradeinquiries@microedge.com  to schedule their upgrade to DonorCentral 3.0.  

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To learn more about DonorCentral 3.0, call MicroEdge at 800.899.0890 or contact your local area MicroEdge representative directly. For a directory listing of account representatives, click here. Or attend an upcoming webinar on the benefits of DonorCentral.