GovDelivery Releases Digital Communication Best Practices Guide for Public Sector

Guide Promotes Email and Digital Communication Best Practices Based on Results From Over 500 Governments

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ST. PAUL, Minn., May 14, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GovDelivery, the leading provider of government-to-citizen communications solutions, announces availability of its first comprehensive guide to best practices for digital communications, highlighting the critical role of email within an integrated communications strategy. Titled "Public Sector Digital Communication Management Best Practices: The Critical Role of Email," the guide shares proven best practices for the most effective use of email, based on results from more than 500 government organizations, including many of the largest in the world.

The guide provides government organizations with a framework and specific steps for realizing value through digital communications in order to have a significant impact on a public sector organization's ability to achieve its mission. It focuses on the central role of email, because, while all digital channels can play a role in improving communication, email is the foundation of digital outreach. A report published by the Pew internet and American Life Project indicated that 92% of adult online users use email, and numerous studies show that email is the central hub of online communication for many internet users.

Digital communication channels create new ways to address the chronic challenge of improving communication with the public while meeting higher expectations and new complexities. This guide helps agencies improve and simplify communications and is organized around three main principles: effectiveness, efficiency and engagement. It uses real case studies to detail specific strategies and tactics that can be implemented immediately to maximize direct connections with citizens and other stakeholders.

"The public's expectations and access to information from all levels of government has radically changed how government needs to communicate," said Scott Burns, CEO and co-founder of GovDelivery. "A range of media outlets and traditional outreach channels have been replaced by a complex mix of digital channels ranging from email to social media. We're excited to leverage our experience working with more than 500 federal, state, local and international governments over the last decade to help government communicators make the best use of email and all digital communications channels to drive mission-critical results. GovDelivery estimates that agencies following these best practices can increase their digital outreach by 100% to 500% or more within 24 months."

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