CAMARILLO, Calif., June 20, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Chiropractor Dr. James Aylor, D.C. announced nutritional tips to keep patients healthy during the busy summer months. Dr. Aylor, D.C. provides nutritional counseling at his practice, Camarillo Holistic and Chiropractic Natural Health Center. Dr. Aylor, D.C. is encouraging patients to stay hydrated, to avoid processed sugars and to take advantage of seasonally available fruits and vegetables. The chiropractor also creates custom nutrition plans to help patients who struggle with pain management, fatigue, and allergies.

Dr. James Aylor, D.C., a chiropractor with Camarillo Holistic and Chiropractic Natural Health Center, recently announced tips to help individuals make better dietary choices during the busy summer months.

"Our patients want to look good for swimsuit season, but a hectic summer schedule can actually lead to weight gain rather than weight loss," said Dr. Aylor, D.C. "Sodas and juices are a major source of empty sugar calories. When temperatures rise, it's natural to turn reach for an iced beverage. Choosing water is a much healthier choice."

According to the chiropractor, sodas and sports drinks are high in refined sugars and empty calories. Even the sugar content of many juices overwhelms any nutritional benefits. He recommends patients carry a reusable water bottle around with them during the day to stay hydrated.

"Rather than purchasing juice at the grocery store, take advantage of the many fresh fruits and vegetables that are currently in season," said Dr. Aylor, D.C. "Pressing your own juice, or purchasing freshly press juiced with no added sugars, is also a healthy and refreshing option for a hot summer day."

Dr. Aylor, D.C. is encouraging patients to buy locally and take advantage of the many farmers market stands in the Camarillo community. "Eating in-season fruits and vegetables delivers a powerful punch of vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients the body needs to stay healthy," he said. "These antioxidants can also help combat inflammation, which is essential to successful pain management."

Dr. Aylor, D.C. provides nutritional counseling services to enhance the benefits of chiropractic adjustments. According to the chiropractor, when the body is out of alignment, it is at risk for pain, fatigue and injury. The same thing happens when the body is nutritionally unbalanced. Patients suffer from fatigue, dehydration and low energy.

"Dietary changes are essential to successful pain management, improving energy levels and also managing various health conditions," said Dr. Aylor, D.C.

Dr. Aylor, D.C. is also certified in the Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique. This technique uses a detox cleanse to help determine whether a patient's diet may be an underlying and undiagnosed cause for allergies. According to him, the detox cleanse helps to rid the body of allergens. He then helps patients build a diet free from aggravating substances.

Camarillo Holistic & Chiropractic Natural Health Center serves the Somis, Oxnard and Newbury Park communities. Dr. Aylor, D.C. provides chiropractic adjustments and nutrition counseling.

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