The Ultimate Christmas Message is Delivered in "Upon a Midnight Clear" from Hannover House

What would you do if you received a message from God?

| Source: Hannover House / Target Development Group, Inc.

Upon A Midnight Clear, DVD Art

Upon A Midnight Clear, DVD Art

Frost Allicaster receives the ultimate holiday message in the November 6th DVD release of "Upon a Midnight Clear" from Hannover House.

Los Angeles, CA, July 24, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A divine message from God to a young girl's cell phone forms the premise of the inspiring, new holiday film, "Upon a Midnight Clear" from Hannover House (HHSE).  The Christmas-themed film stars newcomer Leah Gaston in the lead role as Frost, along Charles Duran and Dimitrius Pulido.  The 98-minute feature was produced by Derek Franzese and was directed by Arik Renee Avila.  It will be released to the home video and video-on-demand markets on November 6, 2012 with an initial price for DVDs set at $14.95 suggested retail.

"This is an enchanting holiday film with a timely new twist," said Eric Parkinson, C.E.O. of Hannover House.  "Teens and pre-teens today communicate almost exclusively through text messaging and should be able to relate to the film's unique premise.  We've timed the video release to correspond with holiday video assortments at our key retail accounts, and we have priced it for collectability," he concluded.

Frost Allicaster is a pretty normal pre-teen, dealing with the usual issues of self-image, social status and school challenges.  The Christmas season seems rather lost on her, until she receives an amazing text message that is clearly a direct communication from God, in response to her cry for help.  Once young "Frost" receives this divine message, she embarks on a journey of redemption and self-discovery, to ultimately find the answer to her questions.

The film is expected to earn a PG rating from the Film Ratings Board of the Motion Picture Association of America.

"Upon a Midnight Clear" is one of nine feature titles licensed for USA home video release by Hannover House from Phoenix Releasing Group.  Some of the other titles in the package include the gang-drama, "Deceptz," the action films "Beretta's Island" and "Abraxas" and the sci-fi horror titles "Dark Stalkers", "Cowboys and Vampires" and "Frankenstein: Day of the Beast."  Hannover House has increased its slate of new releases and catalog promotions in 2012 by more than 400% over the company's release activities during 2011 (which was otherwise a record sales year for the Company).  In addition to home video and video-on-demand activities, the company is also launching several theatrical titles, including the September 7th launch of "TOYS IN THE ATTIC" and the October 19 release of "THE WEATHER STATION."


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