BILLERICA, MA--(Marketwire - Sep 4, 2012) - Winchester Systems Inc., a leading data storage solutions provider, today released a new white paper titled, "FlashNAS Unified Storage - Affordable Feature-Rich NAS."

The white paper explains in great detail how their FlashNAS Unified Storage products supports multiple storage protocols simultaneously and seamlessly so that all popular servers can share a single large pool of NAS storage for any size storage requirement including "Big Data" applications. FlashNAS Unified Storage specifically supports CIFS Windows plus NFS Linux and UNIX data partitions with proper permission mapping and correctly authenticated access controls.

FlashNAS Unified Storage works together with the company's FlashDisk PetaStore that holds 2 PB of data in a single cabinet to create a universal NAS device. Both server and storage are sufficiently scalable and versatile to support the largest and most complex scientific, healthcare, e-discovery, financial, e-mail archive and database applications with all the application data as well as unfathomable numbers of photo, video, audio, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and social media files -- plus multiple backup copies. FlashDisk PetaStore delivers phenomenal speed as well with actual measured data rates up to 12 GB/sec. write speed and 20 GB/sec. read speed.

"Winchester Systems has hit the 'sweet spot' in the NAS market with the FlashNAS Unified Storage. This new white paper shows exactly how it delivers far superior performance and compatibility to low cost solutions and is far less expensive than some of the popular NAS solutions from major vendors," stated Mr. Ted Gumer, VP Sales and Business Development. "FlashNAS Unified Storage provides seamless access to both CIFS and NFS data in a single unit at a very reasonable cost," he added.

FlashNAS Unified Storage is available now and starts at under $10,000. Delivery is 2-3 weeks.

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Winchester Systems provides "Purpose-Built" data storage solutions for commercial and military applications that include servers, networking, storage and software combined with professional integration services. Storage offerings include FlashDisk RAID Disk Arrays in Direct Attached Storage (DAS), Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Network (SAN) configurations. These tiered storage solutions offer a wide variety of SAS and SSD disks for Fibre Channel, SAS and iSCSI environments. FlashServer Intel-based servers include standard and high availability configurations. For more information visit:

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