DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - Sep 10, 2012) - Summit -- Spotzot ( mobile shopping debuts SpotAds, a new way for retailers and e-tailers to drive consumer leads in-store and online. Spotzot's patent pending SpotAds are an effective way to connect with qualified shoppers on leading shopping, search and location-based apps and websites.

During initial campaigns, Spotzot successfully ran SpotAds for top retail chains including national department stores, big box retailers and drugstores, along with brands featuring software and consumer products.

SpotAds are available in two advertiser formats, exclusive and non-exclusive. Exclusive SpotAds provide a dedicated experience for retailers and e-tailers that want to promote their offers free of competing ads. The non-exclusive format enables retailers, e-tailers and brands to display their sponsored performance and impression-based ads among other results that match the shopper's interest.

Exclusive SpotAds dynamically convert the most relevant regularly priced and discounted promotional merchandise from the top 1,000 U.S. retail chains at 500,000 individual stores into compelling catalogs of offers grouped by category and price that precisely match each shopper's interest and location. SpotAds can include a range of features, including instant coupons, nearby store information, deep links to e-commerce sites and price comparison with competing online sellers.

By graphing each shopper's activity, SpotAds can target offers based on individual preferences in subsequent shopping encounters. SpotAds can generate 3x more leads to stores compared to ads on leading mobile and online networks, with an average CTR 10-30x higher. Advertisers using SpotAds can reach Spotzot's 100-million shoppers by retailer, brand, category, product price and location.

"We take retailers to the next frontier of shopper interaction, combining dynamic catalogs, precision targeting and contextual interaction that motivates consumers to visit stores," commented Bobby Jadhav, CEO and Co-Founder of Spotzot.

"Spotzot delivers far greater value and results for advertisers by reaching qualified mobile shoppers who are ready to buy, most often the same day," commented Jim Schreitmueller, Co-Founder and Vice President, Sales, Spotzot.

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Spotzot reaches 100 million qualified mobile shoppers across the U.S. through contextually targeted and location-based advertising. Spotzot's patent-pending SpotAd technology enables retailers, e-tailers and product brands to dynamically generate ads that precisely match shopper interest based retailer, brand, category, product, price and location. Spotzot outperforms leading mobile and online ad networks by achieving a higher Click-through Rate (CTR), generating more leads to stores and yielding a greater Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS). Founded in 2009, Spotzot is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA. For more information visit Spotzot at

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