MAYNARD, MA--(Marketwire - Sep 10, 2012) - Kaon Interactive, the leading provider of 3D interactive product marketing applications, announced today that Sizewise, a growing and diversified medical equipment manufacturer, has implemented Kaon's virtual 3D Product Models to effectively communicate new product developments to their 200+ global sales team, customers and prospects. Sizewise manufactures medical equipment from cutting-edge medical beds, specialized mattresses, wheelchairs and other devices that assist in the healing of patients in hospitals, long-term care facilities or at home.

"From a technology and design standpoint, we've created a new-age hospital bed that the industry has never seen before and we wanted to effectively communicate the benefits to the healthcare community and make an impact at the product launch. With a global sales team of indirect and direct representatives, we needed a better way to educate our team internally about the complex and innovative product specifications prior to distribution," said Mary Nell Westbrook, chief marketing officer at Sizewise. "Kaon's 3D Product Models are an interactive way to bring products to life. When we may not be able to have an actual demo bed in a hospital, the customer is able to experience the bed online with the Kaon model and get a far more in-depth feel for the product than they ever would from a brochure."

"Kaon's 3D modeling marketing technology is invaluable any time a product's benefits are more easily explained by seeing rather than telling, or are not so easily portable to customers around the globe -- as is the case with a hospital bed," Westbrook said.

Kaon's photo-realistic, interactive 3D Product Models (which look and behave like the actual product) provide a virtual demonstration of the new Sizewise medical/surgical bed, the Sizewise Navigator™. Prior to the completion of the new product prototype, Sizewise was able to use the 3D Product Model to train its sales team on the new product features and benefits. The 3D Product Model is able to demonstrate the beds functionality (bed controls, nurse indicators, patient stats, articulation to key positions such as 'cardiac-chair position' or CPR position, etc.) The demo also included sales notes for consistent messaging, giving the Sizewise sales team an advantage in the selling process.

The anywhere, anytime accessibility to the virtual 3D Product Model (via the Web, on tablets, phones or iPads) allows the Sizewise sales team to greatly accelerate the sales cycle by educating nurses, doctors, technical engineers and executive hospital staff about the unique features and benefits of the product without the physical product being present, rotating and viewing the new bed from every angle on their device.

Click here to experience the 3D Product Model of the Sizewise Navigator bed.

"Interactive 3D Product Models allow medical equipment manufacturers like Sizewise to better communicate innovative product differentiators in a memorable way, when and where they need it, without the need to expensively ship bulky products to every sales call," said Gavin Finn, President and CEO, Kaon Interactive. "Kaon's 3D marketing applications help companies accelerate the sales cycle with realistic product experiences that can be instantly deployed worldwide, putting your products into the hands of your prospects anywhere, anytime."

About Sizewise
Sizewise, a privately held company, manufactures medical equipment ranging from hospital bed frames and specialized mattresses to wheelchairs and other devices that assist in the healing of patients in hospitals, long-term care facilities or at home. Sizewise develops holistic approaches in serving the needs of all patient populations including geriatric, bariatric and pediatric, as well as providing unique mattresses in support of injured soldiers coming home to VA hospitals. The company began its 20-year history specializing in bariatric medical equipment and has experienced growth alongside the obesity epidemic in America, but now serves standard patient populations as well in the U.S. and internationally.

Sizewise has more than 70 distribution locations across the United States with a growing presence in Europe and Canada. With four manufacturing facilities, Sizewise products are designed and built in the United States. For more information, visit or on Facebook.

About Kaon Interactive
Founded in 1996, Kaon Interactive provides 3D interactive product marketing applications that help marketers and salespeople consistently demonstrate and differentiate complex products to prospects anywhere, at any time. By combining interactivity with photo-realism, Kaon's 3D Product Models transform product marketing content into visual product storytelling experiences across a wide variety of platforms including touch screen appliances, iPads, mobile devices, laptops, desktops and websites. More than 4,000 Kaon interactive applications are deployed worldwide at trade shows, remote sales demonstrations, product launches, executive briefing centers, and on customer and partner websites. The interactive product experience deepens customer engagement, reduces marketing expenses and has proven to accelerate the sales cycle at a wide variety of leading global product manufacturing companies including Cisco, Juniper Networks, BD, GE Industrial, Waters and Belden. To experience a demo and learn more about Kaon, visit

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