OpenDremel to Merge Efforts with Apache Drill Project

Enabling real-time analysis of big data using open source-based tools

| Source: MapR Technologies, Inc

SUNNYVALE, CA, APACHE DRILL HACKATHON, Sept. 13, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The founders of the OpenDremel project have decided to join the Apache Drill project, which was formed to bring interactive data query and analysis capabilities to big data sets based on Hadoop.

The announcement will be part of the first hackathon of Apache Drill participants, being held here today at the Silicon Valley Cloud Center.

OpenDremel was started in 2010. Code from the project will be contributed to the Apache Drill project and the OpenDremel team will become part of the growing group of programmers who have coalesced around the Drill project.

"Interactive big data querying is an exciting area that no one in the open-source ecosystem has been able to successfully implement as of yet," said Camuel Gilyadov, founder of the OpenDremel project, who is attending and participating in today's hackathon. "Our experience with OpenDremel over the past two years gives us a few insights into what is needed to make interactive big data analysis a reality and how enterprises which are employing Hadoop will benefit from its capabilities"

Both Apache Drill and OpenDremel were inspired by Dremel, which is a real-time data analysis tool created by Google and used by Google for a variety of functions, including its BigQuery service. Google engineers published a paper describing the Dremel framework. The Apache Drill project was born out of a desire to bring these capabilities to enterprises with a freely available, open source-based project.

"This is clearly an example of 1+1=3 where all parties benefit," said Tomer Shiran, a founding member of the Apache Drill project. "The OpenDremel team has done some great work and we welcome its code and the participation of its contributors. There is no doubt that this will help to accelerate the development of Drill as a useful tool for real-time data query and analysis."

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Tomer Shiran